Our First Family Christmas Tree Hunt: AKA “The Poop Fiasco of 2012”

Over the weekend we went on our first family tree hunt, and while we were there motherhood owned me (again…for like the 8,000th time), and laughed at all my carefully laid plans.

I was super excited to experience this with Fern for the first time, even though she’s really too little to care a whole lot.  (She did like all the trees and being outside though!) I planned for all of us to wear plaid so we’d be cute and coordinated in our family photo. (Note: I wouldn’t have gotten my husband to go along with it, so I just based our plaid-ness on the fact that he was already wearing plaid for the day.)

We got to the tree farm, grabbed a saw and headed off to hunt for our little piece of Christmas magic. Fern enjoyed the scenery perched on her Daddy’s shoulders and was loving every minute of it…until it all went awry.

I’m kind of picky when it comes to tree choosing, so we were at the very far reaches of the the tree farm when we finally spotted the tree of our Christmas dreams – an 8 foot tall Noble Fir. Craig passed Fern off to me so he could cut it down. Then, the worst case scenario happened. Literally 20 seconds after he handed her to me, I felt something warm on my arm…pretty sure you can tell where this is heading, can’t you?

I looked down to see that there was poop ALL over Fern and I. It was on my hands, on my new jacket, on Fern’s mittens, coat, tights, shorts, shirt…there was even a little on her hat…I don’t even know.

This was pre-family photo and I felt a twinge of disappointment over the fact that we wouldn’t be able to snap the cute family photos I’d hoped for, but it was no matter. Craig offered to take a couple of snaps anyway since we were already there…poop and all…and I actually loved them! We were laughing so hard at the ridiculousness of the situation that we couldn’t help but beam in the photos. I couldn’t even grab my phone to take a photo because there was literally poop everywhere. Fern wasn’t quite as stoked about it, since I was holding her awkwardly to avoid more poop smearage, but I actually love her face too, because it tells the rest of the story.

Here we are in all our poop-smeared, family photo glory:

I headed back to the car to do damage control right after the photo while Craig sawed down our tree. I’m pretty sure I used like 20 baby wipes to contain that situation. For real.

We had a proper family photo taken once Fern got clean clothes on – not as cute as the outfit I planned, but I was glad I happened to at least have an extra jacket and hat. And one clean mitten, ha ha! In the end, it was all worth it and Fern loved the tree. She even “held hands” with it the entire drive home. Cutest ever.

This day was yet another reminder that children will throw you for a loop sometimes and you can’t plan it all. So just go with it and enjoy the moments – even the ridiculous and gross ones – because they’re all a part of the journey.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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