Our Homemade Halloween Costume

Our mini marathoner!

Last year, Cullen was only ten days old on Halloween. He wore a little pumpkin hat, and I turned our front porch light off because I didn’t feel like dealing with trick or treaters and a newborn. This year is totally different. Cullen is still too young to really get into the holiday, but it’s always fun to dress up and do something silly.

His dad and I are both avid runners (or at least we used to be in the pre-baby era), and a friend sent us this idea to do a mini marathoner costume. I am sure that he will want us to buy all sorts of giant, plushy costumes with wigs and accessories in years to come, so this year I thought we’d keep it simple and do something homemade. We pieced together a lot of things we already had with a few new things – I think it turned out so cute!

Click below to see all the different pieces of the costume!

  • The short shorts 1 of 7
    The short shorts
    Clearly these are my favorite part of his outfit. I saw them at American Apparel a few weeks ago and knew I had to have them. Only color left was purple - oh well!
    You can purchase from American Apparel for $15
  • The wristbands 2 of 7
    The wristbands
    I found these at American Apparel and couldn't resist. I'm surprised he hasn't tried to fling them off yet!
    You can purchase at American Apparel for $4 a piece
  • Homemade bib number 3 of 7
    Homemade bib number
    I used a piece of felt and some felt stickers to create his bib number. The white felt has a sticky backing to help it stay in place. As another fun touch - his number is his birthday! It only cost about $2 for the supplies.
  • The sweatband 4 of 7
    The sweatband
    For some reason the red, white, and blue stripes on this just make it that much more ridiculous looking on a baby. He has been surprisingly tolerant of wearing it so far!
    You can purchase at American Apparel for $6
  • Mini race medal 5 of 7
    Mini race medal
    I just grabbed on of our old race medals and cut the ribbon so I could tie it shorter to fit Cullen. I also sanitized it to death since I know he will spend all day chewing it.
  • The hoodie 6 of 7
    The hoodie
    We used the Infant California Fleece Hoodie from American Apparel, that we already had. It's cold and rainy today, so he needed an outer layer!
    You can purchase from American Apparel for $16
  • The final product 7 of 7
    The final product
    I ended up pairing all of these things with a few other things we already had - inside out pajama pants, sporty baby shoes, little Puma socks, a grey tank, and a white long sleeved base layer. Too cute!
    You can purchase the cute baby tanktop at American Apparel for $9.50

The total cost was only about $30 with the articles that I already had on hand!  

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