Our Honest Opinion of Honest Diapers

Image Source: Katie Loeb
Image Source: Katie Loeb

This post is not sponsored by anyone except my bank account. Pinky swear.

When we found out we were having a baby, my husband and I discussed cloth diapering. Ultimately we decided against it for two major reasons. First, we tend to save laundry for weekends and knew we would struggle to keep up with diaper laundry. Second, we couldn’t afford the initial investment. Yes, we know that ultimately it would probably end up less expensive than disposables, but when Eli was born, I had just finished grad school and we were living just off my husband’s income, so we didn’t have surplus money to buy cloth.

And so we started with disposables. Within a week Eli had a rash everywhere the diaper touched his sweet baby skin. So we switched to hypoallergenic diapers and the rash improved somewhat. It didn’t seem to be bothering him, so with some guilt, we continued with the hypoallergenic big name diapers. The rash and the environmental costs of our decision for disposables continued to weigh on my mind, so I started looking into biodegradable diapers, which is how I came across the Honest Company.

I had some concerns, so I asked around and did a google search. I had one friend who loved them and a few who weren’t such big fans. The google search was a similar story. There were plenty of sponsored posts that were all very positive, but many of the unsponsored had concerns about some leaks and the thickness of the wipes. I decided to see for myself and ordered the sample (free except for shipping).

My first thoughts were that they were rougher than the big name diapers we had been using, but also that they didn’t have any perfume, which I liked. He had also been having repeated leaks in his regular diapers, including a day where he pooped all over my jeans, and that didn’t happen with any of the diapers in our sample pack. Since the sample was so few diapers, I wasn’t completely sold, but I decided to order the month’s worth anyway, I figured we could handle the cost of that if they didn’t work out. We’re now several weeks in and I have to say that I am solidly in the pro-Honest diapers camp. Here’s why.

-As I said before, the lack of chemicals are a huge pro to me, especially in light of the fact that the nearly 6 month long contact rash has completely vanished.
-Our old diapers never leaked pee, but by the morning, they kind of wicked moisture through, so his clothes were always damp to the touch. Since making the switch we haven’t had any damp clothes of any kind.
-Absolutely zero poop leaks after a month of daily leaks in our old diapers. And we are no better at remembering to untuck the ruffles than we were a month ago. Yay less laundry.
-The wipes are awesome, thicker than what we’ve been using. This points to another pro I’ve seen…
-The company is really responsive to customer complaints. They seem to be making improvements pretty regularly based upon what customers say, which is awesome.
-They’re biodegradable, which makes me feel a little better about our landfill contributions.
-They are adorable. I’m sorry, I know this is a silly pro, but skulls and crossbones! I mean really.

-The lack of chemicals means they smell slightly more of pee than big name diapers. I have noticed however, that the actually mask the smell of poop really well. So well, that several times I have let him sit in poop longer than I like to.
-There are fewer cute boy designs than girl ones.
-The wipes aren’t connected the way the other brands are, so they don’t work as well with our wipes warmer.
-They are slightly more expensive, per diaper, than what we’ve been using.

As I said before, I’m not getting anything out of writing this, nor am I looking to. I’m happy to pay full price for quality products. The main reason I decided to write about our experience with Honest Diapers, besides because I love them, was in case someone did a google search like I did and struggled over whether to make the switch. I wanted people to see that those of us unaffiliated with the company are also totally pleased with the diapers and wipes and that they are worth the small price increase over big brand name diapers.

I can honestly say, I’ve never been so excited about diapers before. And I’d like to think that the environment is too.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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