Pajama Jeans: Fashion Yay or Nay?

When I first saw the commercial for this product called “Pajama Jeans,” the first thing I did was wrinkle my forehead quizzically.

Then, I started laughing.

“It’s like real mom jeans. They’re not joking!!” I said to my husband as I pointed at the TV.

Then, I paused and took a really good hard look at myself…

I wear pajamas most of the time. Actually, my new method is to eliminate pajamas altogether and just sleep in my clothes. That way, when I wake up, I’m already dressed! So what if I’m wearing what I wore yesterday? The UPS guy doesn’t know that! (P.S. Is your UPS guy as cute as mine?)

Plus, it makes me feel more at one with Robert Pattinson, given that he says he wears the same thing every day too.

Anyway,  I began to reconsider this concept of mom pajama jeans. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all? Definitely more comfortable than sleeping in my regular jeans, for example.

I really think pajama jeans might be the perfect fashion item for new moms. If you’re not one of those people who could leave the hospital in her prepregnancy clothes, you might feel kinda nifty swaggering out of the postpartum wing, baby in one arm, new diaper bag in the other, pajama jeans hugging your buns? That’s right, I said ‘nifty’ and I said ‘buns.’ Am I revealing a generational divide?

Jean and Pajamas? A marriage made in heaven? Or a hellish fashion disaster?

FYI, when you open the pajama jeans website, turn your volume down!!

Also, I found this hilarious debate of pajama jeans on the blog RANTS FROM MOMMYLAND. Give it a read!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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