Pants Optional, Right?

When I had my daughter almost eight years ago, I would deck her out in complete 3-piece outfits each and every day. I would start with a plain white onesie, then add pants and an additional “cute” top. Socks, shoes, and of course a matching hair bow or hat to top off the ensemble.

Sleepers were for bedtime only, and never in a million years would I find them appropriate for my daughter to be out in public in a footsie pajama.

Looking back, her closet exhausts me.

This morning, I had to run an errand with all four kids in tow. When we got home, I realized that Nola’s (my 4 year old) dress was on backwards. Gage (my two year old) had his rain boots on the wrong foot, never mind that it was 90 degrees and sunny out, and baby Paul was wearing nothing but the onesie he slept in the night before. Oh,and a cloth diaper.

The mom I used to be would very much be embarrassed of the mom I am today.

Sometimes, I wonder if I’ve just “let my family go” in terms of what I deem appropriate these days, or if I’ve really become a gigantic slacker.

So I must ask, is going out in public during the summer with just a onesie and a diaper appropriate attire for a five month old? Or do we need to put a little more effort into his appearance?

I mean, it was a cute guitar onseis.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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