Parenting Pet Peeve: "My Baby Is the Best Ever!"

Parenting Pet Peeve // via Lauren Hartmann @ BabblePet peeves, we’ve all got ’em! Especially when it comes to parenting.

I’m not about judging other people’s approaches to parenting, we all do things differently and that’s completely OK and worth celebrating even, but that doesn’t mean that certain things don’t annoy me on a personal level. I’ll admit that there are plenty of things that I do that probably annoy other parents as well; always getting my baby dressed up even if we’re just going to the grocery store, singing the same obnoxious songs over and over, talking incessantly about some of my more “free thinking” approaches to certain aspects of parenting (i.e. floor beds, medicine, etc.). I know. I’m annoying too.

But one of my biggest parenting pet peeves is when parents constantly talk about their baby being “the best baby ever!” Lest you think I partook of the haterade this morning and before you flip out on me in the comments, let me explain…

First of all, every single baby in the history of the world cannot be the best/cutest/smartest/insert-adjective-here ever. It’s just not possible. Does that mean that I don’t personally think my baby is pretty, freaking great? Of course not! She’s obviously adorable and sweet and a genius in my totally biased opinion and I like to think she’s in the upper echelon of cute babies. But, does that mean that there aren’t smarter, cuter, better sleeping babies out there? NO!

I guess this all stems from the fact that I want my child to have a healthy and realistic sense of self. I want her to know that I believe in her and her capabilities and that I believe that she is wonderful and beautiful and smart, but I also want her to know that the outside world might not always feel the same way. I want her to know that she’s going to have to work hard to achieve her goals and she won’t get the things she wants simply by “showing up.” I want her to recognize that everyone is different and unique and wonderful and that no one really has to be “the best,” I just want her to be her personal best.

Aside from all of this though, I think it bugs me because I feel like if I were to go around telling everyone that my baby is the best/cutest/smartest/insert-adjective-here ever, it’s kind of like pointing out that I think their baby isn’t and I think it would make me feel like a jerk. Does anyone actually feel offended when someone else says their baby is the cutest? Probably not. Is this probably just my own weird, personal hang up? Quite likely. But, hey. We all have our pet peeves, right?

What’s your biggest parenting pet peeve? I promise not to judge.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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