Haters Gonna Hate: Parents Give Baby A Sip of Soda

root beer and babyHaters gonna hate. You put something on the internet and it never fails someone will have an opinion about it and will blast the innocent intention of whoever placed online.

Case in point: Parents give baby a sip of soda. 

Have you let your baby have a sip of soda? What about sugar, how much sugar do you give your baby?

Recently, parents of an adorable boy named Noah gave their son his first sip of root beer. His reaction to the sugary substances is priceless and fortunately caught on video. The parents uploaded to YouTube and what they got in return is over 757 thousand views in the first week. In addition to the views, they have received hundreds of comments both on YouTube and around the web debating babies and soda and obesity. Hello TROLLS! Because we all know, these few sips of root beer have now jump started poor Noah’s future to a lifelong battle with obesity.

Noah’s parents have put a disclaimer on the video description:

1) Root Beer does not have alcohol.
2) This is the first time he has had any sugary soda, and we are not planning to make this a habit

But that doesn’t stop the haters from hating. Check out some of the comments left:

  • Future Obese Kid 1 of 5
    Future Obese Kid
    Yeah, about that.
  • Childhood Obesity 2 of 5
    Childhood Obesity
    Because a few sips of soda here and there lead to inactive kids who over eat.
  • Diabetic 3 of 5
  • Alcohol? 4 of 5
    Uhm, last time I checked alcohol was in beer not root beer.
  • Sugar and Cocaine 5 of 5
    Sugar and Cocaine
    Yes, because root beer should always be compared to cocaine!

Here is the video of Noah tasting root beer for the first time:


Have You Ever Posted Something Innocently and Gotten Hated On?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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