Parents’ Nightmare: Baby Swallowed Pacifier Whole

These days, eating something large or unusual is often seen as an accomplishment. From Coney Island hot dog eating champs to that jolly kid in elementary school who could say “Chubby Wubby” with a dozen marshmallows in his mouth, being the best at ingesting can inspire awe and admiration…

Which is why one Michigan infant may have claim to some serious bragging rights.

Baby Cameron of Redford, Michigan was just five months old when he swallowed an entire pacifier while at daycare. Fortunately, doctors were able to remove the pacifier piece by piece, a local Michigan ABC news station reports.

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Cameron, now 7 months old, has since recovered. Can you imagine what this kid will say when he’s old enough to have an ego? “So you can fit your entire hoagie in your mouth? Big deal. The pacifier I swallowed was made of inedible silicone … and I was just a baby. Eat a silicone hoagie and then get back to me, loser.”

Joking aside, swallowing certain foreign objects can pose serious health risks for babies and kids. To see some of those most commonly swallowed objects, check out the slideshow below.

  • Coins 1 of 5

    If the coin is the size of a quarter or larger, seek medical help immediately, St. Louis Children's Hospital advises. Small coins can pass through the body on their own, but some urge caution with those, too: Charles Howell, of MCG Children's Hospital in Georgia told that swallowing any coin, especially pennies that contain zinc, warrants a trip to the pediatrician or the emergency room.

  • Batteries 2 of 5

    The alkali in batteries can erode the lining of the intestines, according to The Children's Physician Network. Seek immediate help.

  • Magnets 3 of 5

    Babies and children swallowing magnets, particularly magnet toys, have been the subject of many scary headlines. Some managed to recover just fine after medical intervention but at least one little boy hasn't been so lucky. This is another case where you should seek medical help right away.

  • Needles, Pins and Tacks 4 of 5

    Sharp objects require immediate medical help, St. Louis Children's advises.

  • Jewelry 5 of 5

    Earrings and rings can prove especially attractive to young kids and can be small enough to fit in your baby's throat. For this reason, The Children's Physician Network advises avoiding piercing children's ears before age 4.

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