Paul And I Are Ready For School to Start

This past Monday, August the 6th,  has been circled and stared on the calendar for weeks now. It was supposed to be the very first day of school for my two oldest girls.

The first day of school is a very big deal, especially when it’s the very first day of kindergarten and first grade.

But because of circumstances out of our control, the start of the school year has been delayed another three weeks. Which, on the one hand, hip hip hooray for extended summer vacation! But on the other hand, um, big time bummer.

You see, whatever the excitement my girls were feeling for going back to school this past Monday, multiply that number tenfold and that’s how excited I (and Paul) were for them to go back.

Paul and I need some alone time.

Don’t get me wrong, summer vacation is pretty much the best time ever. To a point, I love the lack of schedule, the lazy and free feeling of having days wide open for adventure. But friends, I’m so ready to get back to a routine. And I’m desperately longing to spend quiet time with Paul.

Taking care of and keeping four kids busy, from sun up to sun down, has taken a gigantic toll on me. I’m exhausted and ready to have order restored in our home.

While the big kids go to school, I get Paul and Gage (my 2-year-old) all to myself.

Time to take real naps.

Time to potty train the 2-year-old.

Time to go to playgroups tailored to babies and not big kids.

This whole summer, I’ve put the girls and their adventurous spirit on top priority. We’ve done so many cool things, and kept beyond busy. But I’m ready to slow down, and be a mom to my baby.

School, come quickly.

Is it bad that I want the older kids to go back to school? I can’t be the only mom who’s ready, even if it is the beginning of August.

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