Paul's First Meal (Off A Spoon)

Sure, he’s been breastfed for almost six months. And we just recently mastered the art of taking milk from a bottle. But last week, at *almost* six months old, baby Paul had his first meal off a spoon.

On the menu was a very delectable jar of pureed sweet taters.


I was pretty excited to see what his reaction would be.

Would he love it and beg for more? Would his tongue be able to transition from sucking on a nipple to swallowing puree off a spoon?

Or would he turn up his nose in determined protest? (Like both of his sisters did when they were his age.)

Fortunately for me, my best friend Casey happened to be over for dinner that evening. She grabbed her camera, and I grabbed the spoon. The results? A truly priceless memory captured forever.

Paul’s First Meal (captured on film):

  • He has no idea… 1 of 10
    He has no idea...
    This is the "before" shot. Before I strip him of his top, before his world is rocked by the sweet, succulent, first bite of "real" food.
  • Excitment! 2 of 10
    Baby Paul, you ready for this? Do you know what a treat you are about to partake in?
  • The Meal 3 of 10
    The Meal
    I plan to primarily make my own baby food, but on a whim bought a jar of sweet potatoes.
  • Stare down. 4 of 10
    Stare down.
    It's Paul against the spoon. I wonder who will win?
  • Down the Hatch. 5 of 10
    Down the Hatch.
    What attempts to go in, mostly comes back out.
  • Blindsided. 6 of 10
    This bewildered look says it all. So confused. What is all this orange stuff?
  • Gag. 7 of 10
    Trying to choke it down.
  • Disgust. 8 of 10
    Apparently, there will be no compliments to the chef at the end of this meal!
  • Mouth missed. 9 of 10
    Mouth missed.
    I'm not sure how much sweet potato really made it into his belly.
  • Conclusion. 10 of 10
    Despite some choice looks and over-dramatic dry heaving, I really think he did like his first meal, and sweet potatoes was a perfect menu selection.

You guys, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

Overall, I’m sure it was more fun than filling. And I’m pretty confident not too much of the sweet potatoes actually made it into baby Paul’s tummy.

Since his first meal, we’ve tried a few other flavors: mashed avocado (thumbs down), pureed peaches (thumbs down), mashed banana (two thumbs up) and pureed prunes (also, two thumbs up).

What was your babies first real “meal”? Did you happen to catch it on film?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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