Peace be With Your Nipples.

To Vivi, her big sister is the most interesting person on the planet. She makes outrageous noises, she’s rarely capable of silence and she comes with toys and gadgets that sing songs, flash and dance. Vivi knows that if Addie’s nearby, there’s a show nearby and she doesn’t want to miss it.

Which is where your nipples enter the story.

It doesn’t matter how hungry Vivi is, when she hears Addie her head whips to whatever direction she may be in and while I may not be a nursing mother? The force with which she yanks off the bottle makes my pink parts shiver with sympathy.

I’m well aware of the…*ehem*…elongation that occurs with nursing. My best friend told me “You just have to push through and keep nursing until those things turn into pencil erasers!” Seeing the “side view” of a nursing breast and suckling infant caused me to wonder if my boobs could ever be considered round again. The good news? The pencil erasers returned to…nipples and the feed bags returned to…somewhat round bags.

I can still remember a text from the same friend saying her nursing son grew teeth and wasn’t afraid to use them. *shiver*

Considering how much Vivi likes to chew on things with a somewhat malleable texture? I can only imagine the damage that fresh tooth of hers could do to an unsuspecting nipple at 3 am because I’ve seen what it can do to my finger at 3pm.

I realize for most babies it is a phase and there are ways to discourage the yank away and bite, but still…

Solidarity sisters, and peace be with your pencil erasers.

Is it really as bad as I think it would be?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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