Semi-Aquatic Baby of Action

I spent a lot of time and effort of Vivi’s Halloween costume last year only to have Halloween go horribly awry in regards to being a baby. I had tried to take a few photos of her in it but she was pretty much a lump that laid there for most of October. She could sit up in her Bumbo and maybe roll from one side to her stomach but that was the extent of her mobility. I was hoping to get photos of her in the costume I so carefully curated when she was a little more mobile but not quite to walking.

Today I saw my chance.

While the laundry tumbled and the dishes swished in the dishwasher, I dressed my baby up as a platypus who doubles as a super secret agent and followed her around with my camera.

For anyone unfamiliar with Perry the Platypus, he’s a character on Disney’s Phineas and Ferb. He’s a pet who doubles as a super secret agent, Agent P, to rid the world of the Evil Dr. Doofensmirtz. He has a sort of growl/purr/chatter sound that he makes and that’s next on the list of things to teach Vivi.


  • Hey! Where’s Perry? 1 of 6
    Hey! Where's Perry?
    I dyed a onesie and pants from American Apparel the color I *thought* they should be based off of They came out a little...bright.
  • Secret Agent V 2 of 6
    Secret Agent V
    Add in a Kangol Fedora (from and she transforms in to a semi aquatic mammal of action.
  • You like my beaver tail? 3 of 6
    You like my beaver tail?
    I found the knit hat and shoes on etsy. Realizing I couldn't make a platypus tail on my own, I sent the etsy seller of the shoes a few pictures of Perry and she whipped up this little Velcro tail.
  • Semi-Aquatic Mammal of Action 4 of 6
    Semi-Aquatic Mammal of Action
    I'm hoping she'll crawl for real before she grows out of her little costume, I have a Doofenschmirtz costume for Cody as well.
  • From the Top 5 of 6
    From the Top
    From the top is probably the funniest as she looks like a little green critter with baby hands.
  • Vivi the Perrypus 6 of 6
    Vivi the Perrypus
    I kind of want to take her out as a platypus every single day until she has an opinion of her own. What do you think?

Etsy shop for the feet and tail, JdBaby

Etsy shop for the knit Perry hat, Baby Sew Cute

Wool Kangol Fedora from Zulily.

Onesie and pants from American Apparel.

Dye for fabric from

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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