PETA May Hate Meat Eaters But Loves Breastfeeding Moms

PETA posts pro-breastfeeding billboard.
PETA posts pro-breastfeeding billboard.

Typically you hear about the crazy from various protests of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) activists, but not this time. PETA has stepped up with a push for breastfeeding.

You may have heard about Natalie Hegedus, a Michigan mom who was reportedly “called out” by a judge for breastfeeding in a courtroom, leaving her humiliated and in tears. PETA jumped to support Natalie and other moms by placing the following pro-breastfeeding billboard near the Paw Paw courtroom where the incident occurred. 

pro breastfeeding
PETA's billboard in support of breastfeeding.

Of course, in typical PETA fashion – they went for a powerful message. Perfect for the holidays, Jesus suckling his mother Mary. Except I am not seeing much buzz on controversy with this one, since that’s indeed what Jesus would of eaten.

Breastfeeding is natural — stealing milk from cows so that we can feed our babies the milk nature intended for calves is not. The consumption of cow’s milk has been linked to asthma, constipation, recurrent ear infections, anemia, diabetes, zits, and even cancer in children.

Human mothers who opt to feed their children breast milk should be commended, not censured. Women should be encouraged to give their children the healthiest possible food and leave cow’s milk for calves.

Fact: PETA once turned me into a vegetarian for a few years after I watched several videos on their website. Then one day, I craved steak. (Oh yeah, BTW. I later found out I was pregnant – hence the cravings.)

Unfortunately, while I am pro-breastfeeding, my boobs are not. While PETA convinced me to go vegetarian, they could not convince my God-given breasts to produce breast milk. That being said, when my baby turns one year old, he will drink milk. Sorry, PETA!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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