My Doggy Sitter

Marley keeping watch diligently over "her baby".

My husband Craig and I got our German Shepherd Marley almost four years ago, right after we got married, and up until now she has been our baby.

We took her everywhere and she even went to work with my husband every day.  Because she was so used to having all of our attention, I wondered how she would do once we came home with a baby.  She’s very well-behaved and we had prepared her for children from the time she was just a puppy, by poking and prodding her, pulling her tail, tugging on her ears and taking food out of her mouth — all things that a child might do when we decided to have them one day. Because of this (and because I’ve seen her with other kids before), I wasn’t worried that she would hurt the baby, but I was just curious to see how she would react.  I figured she would mostly be indifferent, because that’s been her reaction to children in the past.

For most of a week after we brought Fern home, Marley stayed with my brother-in-law and when we finally brought her home to meet Fern, I was a little bit surprised ….

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The first thing she did when she saw us was sniff the baby and then my belly (it was almost like she knew that’s where she came from!).  Then she licked Fern on the head and that was that.  From that moment on, Marley knew that this was our baby and not just some random baby that was only visiting.

Now she is constantly interested in what Fern is up to.  Anytime Fern cries, even in the middle of the night, Marley starts pacing, as if she’s trying to tell us to come take care of the baby.  When we’re hanging out on the couch in the evenings, she’ll curl up beneath my feet (since that’s usually the spot that’s closest to Fern).  And whenever I change Fern, she’s right there to check out what’s going on, although it’s quite possible that this is only because she’s a dog and appreciates the aroma of a stinky diaper.

Marley has been so great and attentive, that pretty soon we may even have ourselves a bonafide “doggy sitter” a’la “Good Dog Carl” (I love that book!).

How did your pet react to you bringing home baby?  Good, bad, ugly?  I’d love to hear!


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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