15 Photos of Sibling Love Between A Brother and His Sisters

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one smile says it all

I feel like it was just yesterday when I wrote this post about how our family was going to accept a boy. Wait scratch that — I shouldn’t say accept when really what I mean is how we were going to welcome a boy into the family after 4 girls. I remember being nervous worrying over the girls being jealous of their new brother. I worried that they wouldn’t bond with a boy and well, I just wasn’t sure how it was going to be welcoming baby no. 5 in general. But it has been anything short of amazing. Grayson is one loved baby boy! Literally, the stats show it.

Average squeezes a day // 65
Average times my 20-month-old calls Grayson “her baby” // 30
Average kisses a day // 78
Number of little mommas // 4
Number of fights over who is going to hold him since he was born // 14
Number of times they OFFER to change his diaper // every day
Number of times my 5-year-old asks to “Please Mom let me pick out his outfit and dress him?” // every day

They love him. They cuddle him. They check on him constantly. They are always worrying over him. Huddling over him. Fighting over him. Waiting for him be able to sit-up and wishing he could walk and play with them. It amazes me every day how strong the sibling love for Grayson shines. They just love him so much! And I have plenty of pictures to prove it.

  • Silly Ole’ Sadie 1 of 15
    Silly Ole' Sadie
    Sadie is almost 2 and thinks she is big stuff when she holds Grayson.
  • Smiles 2 of 15
    See! Even Grayson loves the attention.
  • Little Momma 3 of 15
    Little Momma
    Kennadi who just turned 3 is such a mother hen. Wonder where she gets it from? She is my mini-me.
  • Just Hanging Out 4 of 15
    Just Hanging Out
    Sadie and Grayson love hanging out together over morning cartoons.
  • This Kid. 5 of 15
    This Kid.
    Oh Sadie. She cracks me up! She just gets so excited to hold him.
  • Grayson Sandwich 6 of 15
    Grayson Sandwich
    They always have to have Grayson in the middle. Silly girls!
  • Sweet Kisses 7 of 15
    Sweet Kisses
    Never-ending, everyday.
  • Love These Moments 8 of 15
    Love These Moments
    When I can capture such little hands that show BIG love.
  • Mom, Can I Please Dress Grayson? 9 of 15
    Mom, Can I Please Dress Grayson?
    I think you can tell just who helped put this little get-up together. Hmmm...McKenzie!
  • First Time Holding Grayson 10 of 15
    First Time Holding Grayson
    Sadie was so excited, she just couldn't sit still. Now she can't let go!
  • Little Darlin’ 11 of 15
    Little Darlin'
    Oh my! I would say that smile says it all.
  • First Time Hugs 12 of 15
    First Time Hugs
    This was the very first time Zoe held Grayson -- all smiles!
  • So Happy 13 of 15
    So Happy
    After having a boy, I've never seen such a strong bond between siblings. This poor boy is going to be very protected growing up.
  • Such a Big Girl 14 of 15
    Such a Big Girl
    Even at 3-years-old, Kennadi really does help so much. I was shocked how we hardly dealt with any jealously.
  • Melts My Heart 15 of 15
    Melts My Heart
    It makes my heart so happy to see the love every day. So blessed for my littles!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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