Pink Eye, Fevers & The Yo-Yo Helmet

My poor baby

Addie is sick… again!

A couple weeks ago she got a fever/flu bug one of her brothers brought home from school which landed my husband out of work for two whole days.

Now this time around she picked up pink eye from them with a combo of the cold I have. I feel HORRIBLE for her.

I feel like no matter what comes into the house, she always gets it even though we are still breastfeeding. I have a bone to pick with those antibodies because they are failing me!

But what makes this worst of all is the fact that every time Addison spikes a fever the helmet has to come off… till the fever is free and clear for 24 hours. Making the helmet a yo-yo accessory in the past two weeks.

It is driving me crazy because I don’t want it to impact her progress, and it is driving her crazy because once it goes back on she hates me and everyone around her for allowing that thing to be on her head again.

My poor baby girl is just so miserable!

Today after the pediatrician she is slowly getting back to being herself, so lets hope this is the end of this crap! I cannot deal with anymore sick kids this winter!

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