Play Date Business Cards… GENIUS!


I have to admit, the first time I heard about mothers actually getting “play date business cards” made I thought it had to be one of the stupidest ideas ever. What a huge waste of money!

Then it happened to me!

I was at Dairy Queen on the first day of spring with my kids and I spotted an adorable little girl in a sundress with a cloth diaper on! I did probably three or four double takes before I got the guts to go and ask her mom what kind of diaper it was to strike a conversation.

Most of my friends don’t have kids and those who do don’t really cloth diaper or really parent any where near how I do.

I knew I just had to connect with her to get together again. It is an awesome feeling when you find another mom you click with!

I went back to my car thinking I had my purse which I always carry business cards in. It is an easy way to give someone my email address. Yeah… that is when I realized my purse was sitting on my bed… at home. Ooops!

We exchanged information but at that point I started to remember those damn Play Date business cards I had already cursed. I could only think how much easier they would make life, especially for moms who don’t typically carry business cards with them like I do.

Name, phone number, email address, cute picture and maybe even your facebook page link… and there you go. A genius business card to hand out to other moms and make friends. Couldn’t be a better idea.

How many moms out there have “play date business cards” or would consider using them?

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