Time to Rename the Playard (Playpen)

When did a playpen become a “playard”? And really, is playard the best they can do?  Isn’t a yard a bit of a stretch?  Was PlayGarden already taken? Whatever it’s called, I broke down and got one.  And then I felt guilty. And then I felt justified.  And then I decided the problem was the name.

What if instead of playpen or playard it’s called “Premiere, Maximum, Baby Safety Cloud”?  It’s all in the name.  Here are some new names I came up with for fun- free of charge for the next playpen company to scoop up:

1. Care Capsule

2. Safety Vault

3. Kiddie Asylum (bring back the original serenity of the term)

4. Play Alley

5. Play Shelter

6. Play Quad

7. Quality Quad

8. Play Coop

8. Play Aviary

9. Quality Colliseum

10. Safety Hutch

11. Barrier Bin

11. Play Tank

12. Baby Bucket

13. Baby Barrel

14. Vacay (that new annoying abbreviation for vacation) Vat

15. Safety Stall

16. Safety Suite

17. Watchtower

18. Security Suite

19. VIP Trailer


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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