Poisoning Your Baby Softly with Your Baby Soap

Are they really that dangerous?

The internet is buzzing about a topic I covered here back in July. I wrote a post about the skin-deep cosmetics database and the levels of sometime-toxic chemicals going into products we are frequently using on our babies.  For example, soaps, shampoos, and lotions.

For years, I have been dying to see some of the more popular brands pulled, and the brands that are actually safe for our children plastered in full page ads inside every pregnancy and baby magazine known to man, but of course we know how publishing and advertising works, right?

Then today, Jezebel, one of my favorite reads out there, actually took on Johnson & Johnson and the two ingredients in their products which have been linked to carcinogens.  Yup, you know those things that are believed to increase the chance of cancer.

“Moms who buy special shampoo for their babies probably assume that they aren’t rubbing carcinogens into their precious child’s head during every bath. If they live in the U.S., there’s a good chance they’re wrong. Health and environmental groups have been pressuring Johnson & Johnson to remove two potentially cancer-causing chemicals from its popular baby shampoo, and for some unfathomable reason, they’re dragging their feet.”

The two ingredients are dioxane and quaternium-15.  Dioxane has been linked to being a possible carcinogen, and quaternium-15 actually releases formaldehyde … yeah, the stuff they actually preserve dead bodies with.  GROSS AND SCARY!

And now Johnson & Johnson has a possible boycott on their hands!

Yesterday, the campaign sent Johnson & Johnson a letter signed by 25 environmental and medical groups, including the Breast Cancer Fund, Environmental Working Group, Friends of the Earth, American Nurses Association, Physicians for Social Responsibility and Green America. It’s demanding that the company commit to removing the chemicals from all of its products by November 15, and calling for a boycott until it does so.

Good for them!

Someone has to protect our children, and it seems like the problem continues to be swept under the rug no matter who takes on the giant, money-making, child product company.  For a company that claims to be so concerned about the well-being of children, and involved in so many child-related charities … it is time for them to step up and put their money where their mouth is!  Even if it means they have to eat millions in products!

Would you consider boycotting Johnson & Johnson in light of these more public developments?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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