Police Release Details About Teens Who Abandoned Their Baby Near A Dumpster

Newborn baby abandoned next to this dumpster.

I know firsthand the fear of becoming pregnant at 17-years-old. Except I didn’t keep my baby. I had an abortion It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with. Especially now that I have children. And honestly, in a way, I kind of think what I did was worse than what a teen did. At least her baby is still alive.

Police in Kimberly, Wisconsin are releasing new details about the teen couple who abandoned a baby next a church dumpster the day after Mother’s Day.

In the report, just released from Fox Valley Metro police, police explain after receiving a tip, they interviewed a 17 year old high-school student and when the investigator asked the teen “…this is your baby, isn’t it…”, “[the mother] nodded her head yes”.

Police say the teen told her 18-year-old boyfriend she had a miscarriage when in reality she remained pregnant, ultimately giving birth to a full-term baby alone in her bathtub. She later admitted to police “she knew the baby was a girl and that it had dark hair.”

The report goes on to detail how the teen mom wrapped the baby in a towel, called her boyfriend and told him he needed to get the baby out of here. He was apparently too scared to take the baby to the local hospital so she decided they’d drop the baby off at a church. That’s how the little girl ended up next to a dumpster behind Fox Valley Christian Fellowship Church.

Although, when the newborn was initially discovered neighbors speculated that a lock on the dumpster probably saved the baby’s life by keeping the teens from putting the baby in the trash, the couple tells police they never considered putting the baby in the dumpster and that they honked the horn of the car, hoping someone in the church would come outside and find the baby.

A man walking his dog says his pet led him to the dumpster where he found what he describes as a “healthy-looking” baby girl wrapped in a blood-soaked green bath towel.

The baby suffered from mild exposure but is doing well, Fox Valley Metro Police Chief Erik Misselt said. She was taken to the hospital and later placed in the custody of Outagamie County Child Protection Services.

Kimberly High School Principal Mike Rietveld said the teen parents are students at the school. He said a teacher received a tip about the parents’ identity from a couple of students last Friday and relayed the information to police.

On Monday, police asked the district attorney to charge the teenage parents with felony child abandonment. District Attorney Carrie Schneider said she wasn’t sure when her office might file charges. “We have to look at it,” she said.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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