Poop Is Nothing to Fear, Even in Cloth.

It happened. Day two of cloth diapering and there was poop. In the cloth diaper. In PUBLIC no less. If there were ever such a thing as diaper changing baptism by fire it’s changing your first poopy cloth diaper in public. As I said yesterday there was much research involved in this decision to go (mostly) cloth so I feel as though I fared well.

Well, aside from one thing…

Vivi and I were cruising Buy Buy Baby for a new baby bathtub, she outgrew her Puj tub and the prospects of having to find a new tub are overwhelming. If you’ve ever had babies then you know the most prime place to care for your baby is at a baby store, where they have changing tables, rocking chairs, diaper pails, wipes and nice quiet rooms away from toilets. (Side note, apparently the feeding room at the Kentucky Buy Buy Baby is way more plush than the Indiana feeding room, so says the mom of twins who came in as I was leaving.)

After tub purchase I decided to feed and change Vivi before heading out on other errands so I wouldn’t have to feed her in the backseat of the car or on some hard bench somewhere. The chowing went fine, then came the changing. To be honest I was surprised to see poop. She must have sneaked it out when I wasn’t looking. I panicked.

I HAVE NO WIPES! Oh, yes I do, they’re right here.”

Thankfully I invested in flushable diaper liners that allowed me to simply dump a majority of the poop right into the diaper pail in the room.  I had a zip top wet bag (basically a waterproof nylon bag with a zip top, meant to hold gross wet stuff…) that I put the diaper into and we were on our way.


I mean, until I was leaving the feeding room for the bathroom to wash my hands and realized I had a fingernail full of poop.


I lived.

Further proof that poop is nothing to fear.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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