Popping Bottles: Rap Video Celebrates Breastfeeding, Babysitting

Popping Bottles
R.S. poses with baby cousin Yazzy in his music video for “Popping Bottles.”

The next time I try to sweet talk one of my hip friends into babysitting Scrunchy Face, my pitch just might be “It won’t be that different from hanging at a club…After all, you’ll be popping bottles all night!”

And then cue the dance music…Seriously.

Georgia-based music producer and songwriter Ron Stephenson — better known as R.S. — has inspired me with his brilliant song and music video “Popping Bottles.” The song’s hip hop beat and ear-pleasing synths might have you thinking it’s just standard dance club fare…but then listen to the lyrics or, better yet, watch the video.

Turns out, it’s all about R.S.’s experiences babysitting his infant cousin and feeding her breast milk! The bottles he’s popping are of the Medela variety and, in his song, he insists there’s “no better way to spend a Friday night.”

Another choice quote:  “I don’t care who knows, bottle warmer by the stove, and I always bring a change of clothes.”


Beyond the adorable shots of R.S. dancing with his cousin, little Yazzy, you’ll notice some prominent close-ups of a breast pump.

R.S. told me that he and Yazzy’s parents intended to have fun with the video, but, after seeing Yazzy’s mom pump milk every two hours, R.S. also wanted to make sure he acknowledged “the work breastfeeding moms do.”

“I never would have known unless I saw it first hand,” he said.


Despite my Facebook page description listing me as a “failed gangsta rapper,” I’m no expert on hip hop — you’re shocked, I know. In the few hip hop videos I’ve seen, the emphasis has generally been more on babes than babies, so I asked R.S. if he thought his fun video might make the idea of babysitting more palatable to young male hip hop fans.

His response: Who’s to say they aren’t already babysitting?

“I’m pretty sure there is a lot babysitting already being done by young male hip hop fans,” he said. “I’m just making it public knowledge, which is what makes me different.”

What also makes him different is that he’s created what could legitimately be called a breastfeeding jam. I could see myself  listening to it while pumping and maybe you will as well.

Just don’t bop your head too much to the beat or you too, will need a change of clothes.


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