Post-Baby Birth Control Problems

Take the SAME time EVERY night!

Hormonal birth control typically makes me a mad woman. A couple fights short of a stay in the funny farm, or a court room in divorce court. It just makes me not myself.

For the first time since having children, my husband and I feel like we are right back where we started before having kids, and there is no way I am going to let birth control hormones get in the way of our insanely happy marriage.  Yes, we have become that disgustingly in love couple again… I guess that is what three kids do to you!

So yesterday I went to my six week postpartum check up, although Addie won’t technically be six weeks old till this Saturday.

But the point of the appointment was not only to make sure humpty dumpty was put back together again, but to make some serious arrangements for birth control. We are done having children, but at this point not comfortable with any kind of permanent birth control measures. We are just too young still to consider it.

After a lengthy talk about hormonal birth control, the pill, depo, nuvaring, and different types of IUD’s we decided I would give the mini pill a try for a couple months, and when I go back for my annual pap in September we would either place the mirena IUD which has hormones, but less incidents of spotting and bleeding in between cycles, and prolonged periods, or the paraguard IUD which doesn’t have hormones, but I have heard more negatives about long term.

My OB/GYN suggested the mirena because of my history, but doesn’t want to actually place it before we see how I handle the actual hormones.   Plus, the hormones in the mini pill are actually higher than the mirena IUD so if I can handle the pill, I won’t have any issue handling the IUD.   Plus, I will feel so much more comfortable in the long run knowing we are far more protected against another unexpected pregnancy.

I downloaded a neat app on my iPhone called My Pill to remind me to take it daily.   Yes, I had to be that woman… if I didn’t do that you can be sure I would completely forget to take it and end up between a rock and a hard place for sure!

What did you do for birth control after your children?
How do you handle hormonal birth control?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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