Post-Baby Style: Mom Jeans Make a Comeback?

JeansMom jeans: They’re baaaaack.

At least, according to The Fashionista blog, which reports that U.K.-based department store Top Shop — which also has stores in the U.S. — is selling “Moto Bleach Acid Mom Jeans.”

You have to give Top Shop credit: It’s pretty ballsy to sell a product bearing a derogatory term made popular by a “Saturday Night Live” skit.

Generally defined as high-waisted jeans that are unflattering to the rear, mom jeans have supposedly long been the pants of choice for harried moms who just need something that fits, even if it looks less than stylish. Especially in that first post-baby year, it can be hard to find the time to go hunting for jeans that accommodate your post-baby body and aren’t too far removed from the runways of Milan.

“[S]ince it was the only style that fit my body for a while, (mom jeans were) what I was stuck wearing,” columnist Tracy Beckerman writes in her very funny and brutally honest new book, “Lost in Suburbia.”

She also notes that, if it wasn’t for the fit, “no one in their right mind” would seek out the look. Ha — tell that to the people at Top Shop!

Top Shop didn’t immediately respond to my request for comment, though I can’t really blame them: my email to their press department was basically a politely-worded way of asking “How can you sell something called mom jeans when everyone thinks they suck so badly?”

The suck factor notwithstanding, if you want your very own pair of mom jeans, I have an easy DIY way to get them, no shopping required.

Step 1: After baby, don’t lose the weight that’s accumulated around your middle and your bottom. Were you one of those freakish women who actually lost lots of weight post-partum? Gain it back, silly!
Step 2: Find a pair of super old jeans in your closet. Squeeze into them. (Use lubricant and the jaws of life if necessary.)
Step 3: Wear them day and night until they’re very stretched out.
Step 4: Now that they’re stretchy, pull them up nice and high so they rest just below your bra.

VoilÝ , you now have your very own pair of mom jeans! You’re welcome.

Now go out and strut your stuff, hot mama. I would join you, but I’m too busy looking for the perfect “mom shirt” to complete the look.


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