Post Partum Hair: A Rant

I warn you that this post has no point. No helpful tips. No stylish suggestions. No product recommendations. This is just me, complaining about my hair and hoping at least some of you share my complaint and we can all commiserate.

You see, my hair looked so fabulous during pregnancy. Long, and lush, and shiny. I let it grow out and enjoyed it because I knew that it wasn’t mine to keep. Pregnant women don’t shed hair normally so you end up with more hair that you usually have and it looks ah-maz-ing.

Then you give birth and you get to keep the hair for a little while but after a few months it starts to fall out. Big clumps of it. It’s nothing bad happening, just your body getting back to the normal shed-grow cycle of hair. It’s gross and detrimental to your shower drain but it’s perfectly fine. It still looks ok for the most part, just not the gorgeous mane you had during pregnancy.

No, the problem occurs when the hair you just shed in such vast quantities starts to grow back. You normally have a few hairs growing back after shedding but they’re not enough volume for it to make a difference in your overall hair look. But when you’ve just ditched, like, 30% of you hair at once, the regrowth is noticable. Want to see what I mean? Behold. My forehead at 7 months after giving birth:

Yep. It’s like I’ve unwittingly grown the worst looking bangs in the history of hair. To make it worse, my hair is naturally very curly. Those little short hairs will soon be long enough to start curling and I’ll have a permanent corona of frizzies all over my head. This spring and summer are going to be ugly.

The only thing to do for the regrowth phase is to grit my teeth and wait for the hair to fill itself in. Or I could go get a pixie cut but – and I think other curly girls will back me up here – a pixie on curly hair is far more work than longer hair. You can throw long curly hair into a ponytail or a clip and go. Short curly hair needs to be manipulated to avoid looking like Little Orphan Annie.

My plan at the moment is to suffer through the growing phase for about 6 more months then go get a bob for the summer and try to blend the short new hairs in a way that looks like I meant it.  Meanwhile, I’ll be wearing a lot of hats.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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