Post Pregnancy Pooping Paranoia

Let’s be honest here. The first week or so of baby’s first year is ALL ABOUT ME. Sure we’ve had to prick his little foot nearly every day of the past week to test his bilirubin levels but c’mon! Mostly he just sleeps a lot and maws around at my nipple. Typical man.

That’s boring. And we have all year to talk about him. So let’s talk about meeeee! How am I doing? How is my vagina doing? See, I told you I’d still manage to slip some vagina-talk in here somewhere.

Guess what? My vagina is doing amazingly well, considering. So let’s talk about my vagina some more. How many times do you think I can say vagina in one post?


Doc says I tore in the exact same place as when I had Violet. Two degree tear, so nothing too horrible but no cakewalk either. For some reason though it doesn’t feel as bad as the first time around. I’ve spent some time speculating to myself on why. Is this doctor a better stitcher (is that even a word?) than my first doc? Maybe the initial tear is worse and re-tearing and old scar ain’t so bad? I dunno. I do know is today is one week out and the tear down there feels pretty good, relatively speaking of course.

After Violet I was terrified to feel the area, let alone look at it. I’ll be honest, I haven’t looked at this tear either, I mean, oh my God, no! But I’ve felt the area and it feels pretty good.

Now that we’ve got vaginas – specifically my vagina – out of the way, let’s talk about poop. It’s not like I haven’t before.

The act of eliminating your bowels when you are stitched from poop exit point to vagina, well, it takes on a whole new level of intensity. The familiar urge strikes my body and I start sweating.  Sure I’m on stool softeners. I was so afraid of pooping post pregnancy number one that I snarfed the suckers like candy. I also made my husband hold my hand through the bathroom door while I tried to poop that first time.

I’ve been equally afraid of pooping this time as well. Like, what if I pop a stitch? Hey! It could happen. Day three after Henry was born I started feeling this horrible pinching down there and figured that is exactly what happened. Except I couldn’t remember pooping. I think I subconsciously hold it in because I’m so terrified of the pooping post pregnancy possibilities.

But the pinch went away as quickly as I noticed it and you’ll also be glad to know I’ve been pooping since the weekend and haven’t looked back.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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