Postpartum Check-In At One Year.

checklistDo you know what prompted this post? I peed myself. That’s right, I kinda thought I had to go pee but thought I could check my e-mail first. Wrong.

Interestingly, I didn’t have vaginal births. I did have some bladder issues while pregnant, though. Both times. Last time around, right after I had the baby, this issue seemed to correct itself. I guess after a second baby, things don’t go back to normal as quickly (or ever).

While I’m going over parts of my body, let’s check in elsewhere, shall we?

Boobs: Still milkful, so…larger than normal, but not nearly as large as they were in the beginning. However, I’m not planning to wean for another six months give or take so I’m guessing I won’t see my old bras for a while.

Belly: With both pregnancies, I had diastasis recti, meaning my abdominal muscle split in half to make room for the baby. When I use my abs now, I can see that they are still separated. What up with that? I do not remember this the last time. Perhaps more yoga needed.

Stretch marks: fading, not horrible, can live with these.

C-section scar: Looks great, can barely see it.

Belly button: Seems to have some extra skin around it, but at least it’s an innie again.

Overall weight: Not sure since I haven’t stepped on a scale in a month, but probably still five to seven pounds higher than weight when I got pregnant, which, for the record, was the thinnest I’d been since my sophomore year of high school, thank you breastfeeding, stress and running… Oh yeah, these tools don’t seem to be working as well this time around. Maybe I’m not stressed enough. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Arms: Strong, thanks to baby carrying.

Legs: Slim, thanks to genetics.

Back: Hurts, often. Need massages, often. Get them, almost never.

Hair: Thinner, but hopefully done falling out.

I’d give myself a solid C+ right now. That’s not so great. I wish I felt a little bit better about myself, but this means there is room for improvement, right? (Lemons—>lemonade).

Maybe time for a spa day and a makeover when I get home?? Maybe I should book the babysitter now.

P.S. Sorry there’s no picture of me. I’m a) Not brave enough to post one, and b) Sitting in the dark in a tiny cabin with no mirrors.

P.P.S ¬†How’s your body one year later?

Photo Credit: mt 23/Flickr

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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