Postpartum Exercise (Sort of)

Margaret Richard | Body Electric

Before I had the baby, I told myself that I would be motivated to get back in shape as soon as the baby was born. I love clothes, and I really love the clothes I have — so what better motivation than to actually be able to wear them again?

I have had the good fortune of losing nearly all the baby weight. But, I look at the scale and then at the mirror and back at the scale and again at the mirror, and something doesn’t make sense. I weigh what I used to weigh, but my body is vastly different. The only section of my closet that fits is the stretchy section: tees, knits, & leggings. My hips are wider, my boobs are bigger, and am 99% sure my rib cage expanded. All my tailored blouses and pencil skirts don’t fit (and probably never will). But there is one thing I can do to help the situation — tighten up. Because, ladies, I may have lost some weight, but I am soft.

So, today, I decided I should stop eating pumpkin muffins and to do a little exercise. I had the foresight to record an episode of a PBS exercise program, Body Electric (and yes it was as awesome as it sounds). A fit woman over 50 had me dance around while talking to her assistant Heidi about how heavy the 3 lb weights are. I got exactly 7 minutes in before Tate was completely over being strapped in his bouncer and I took him out, strapped him in his stroller and went for a “run”. I ran for about 30 seconds and walked the rest of the way.

I also may or may not have eaten 3 more pumpkin muffins when I got home. What? I can’t let them go to waste!

Here’s hoping I can actually find the time to exercise a bit more often, and the will power to stop making yummy treats, because then I will eat them, all of them. What are your tips for finding time to get back in shape with a little one in tow?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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