Postpartum Hair Loss: Five Cool Facts For You!

So, I just really want to talk about my hair, is that okay?

In many ways–many strange, unexpected ways–it turns out being pregnant was, like, the best time of my life. Who could have seen that coming? I’m talking great skin, seats offered to you on the subway, indulging looks from strangers while you stuffed your face with whatever food item happened to be on hand . . . and oh, that thick, lustrous mane of hair.


Possibly the rudest trick of life is when you get to that glory period right at 3 months, when you’re finally getting your figure back, and breastfeeding is starting to make sense, and you’re thinking I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar, and then BOOM! Hair loss.

Do you love this part of motherhood or what?

Generally speaking it’s not like I love my hair anyway (as my husband puts it, “when was the last time you washed your hair?” to which I’m all, “this morning, rude person”), but I’ve had to acknowledge I’m a little more partial to it than I thought I was as I watch it fall from my head and collect in sad little puddles around me. I need that hair! Stay in my scalp, hair!

Basically you can tell where I’ve been these days by following my stray hair trail. (Bed to crib to changing pad to bathroom to kitchen and then back to the crib, and repeat.) (Too bad Gretel couldn’t have been recently post-partummed!)

Luckily I have done the research and I have for you: Five Cool Facts About Your Hair Loss. Are you ready, Steve?

1. Post-baby hair loss is generally at its worst between three and six months postpartum. If your baby is close to his half-birthday, you’re almost done!

2. The average head loses 100 hairs a day. Basically right now you’re losing your mandated 100 for the day, plus the 30,000 or so you forgot to lose all those months that you were pregnant. Fun catch up time!

3. You will not go bald! Most likely.

4. Now is really not the time to get all fancy with your hair styling, according to  “Skip blow dryers and curling irons if you can, and put off any chemically based treatments until the shedding stops.” Now is the time to embrace your inner granola goddess! (Not like you have time for blow drying anyway, or something.)

5. Ever heard of a hair tourniquet? Yeah, watch for those.

Isn’t this time in our lives so dreamy?

How was your experience with postpartum hair loss? Any tips for those of us in the thick (ha!) of it?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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