Postpartum Jumpsuit: Must Have or Heck No?

J to the U to the M to the Please don't wear that for your family photo?

We have a family photo planned for this Friday. I am excited because the photographer does beautiful work and I know I that I will walk away with a lovely portrait of my family but I am NOT excited because I have major wardrobe stress. I am three months post baby and how shall I put this… not camera ready. One of my goals for my trip to Chicago this past weekend was to find an outfit to wear for the session. My website partner and adviser on all things from fashion to potty training suggested I look into getting myself a jumpsuit. A whaaaaa? After about 10 failed visits to the dressing room, I finally “jumped” into this trendy look but just couldn’t close the deal (the price-tag didn’t help.) What do you think? Have you made the leap into jumpsuits? Are they a fashion disaster that should have staying in 1972? Will I regret wearing something so trendy for a photo that will live on my wall for the next 30 years? Or is the jumpsuit an amazing and fabulous look for a new mom?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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