Precision Poop

I need to share two incidents from my day with my 7 week old daughter. Both involve poop.

First, I went to change her after some time in the bouncy seat and discovered poop well up her back. Not surprising given the angle she’d been sitting at before the change. What was surprising that the trail of poop ended right before the diaper did. In other words, the poop, though thoroughly squished up her back, remained inside the diaper, sparing her outfit. This was a refreshing change form a blowout we had over the weekend that resulted in a befouled onsie and an emergency bath to get poop out of her hair. The onsie, by the way, was a total loss. Some things even Oxi Baby can’t fix.

Anyway, after the modified blowout poop in the morning, my sweet daughter saw fit to move her bowels later in the day while sitting in the Ergo, snugged up to my chest. I heard the sounds of something expelling down below and felt what I hoped was just gas along the left side of my abdomen. But when I peeked at the leg hole of her sun suit, I didn’t see any visible poop so I assumed we were in the clear. Oh, the hubris of the mother who can’t see poop immediately. There was poop alright. Poop on the Ergo itself, poop on the insert,  poop on my shirt. The only place there was no poop was on my baby’s outfit. Because she had apparently pooped sideways out of her diaper. This is not her first sideways poop. It happened one other time as she was sitting in my lap to Skype with my sister and her kids. That time I nearly lost a pair of cargo pants but they were salvagable in the end. The shirt today will not survive.

The only conclusions I can draw from these feats today are that my daughter is some kind of poop ninja who could medal in precision pooping if it were a sport. And she must REALLY like the outfit I had her wearing.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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