Preparing for Avery's First Plane Ride

This morning Avery is taking her very first plane ride. I shouldn’t be nervous about this at all, but I can’t help it that I am.

I travelled all the time when Harlan was just months old. And that was with just the two of us. With my husband living in NYC and us in Tampa, Harlan and I were always on a plane. I was nervous the first time that we did it, but after that it was just a part of our routine.

Remember when I told you how Avery hated the car? I’m afraid of that happening again. Except this time with more of an audience. If the screaming was hard for me to handle when she was in the car, I know it will be hard for others to handle on a jam packed airplane.

I usually don’t care if I get the weird stares or comments from strangers on my parenting. I’m confident enough now in myself as a mother, that snide remarks don’t get the best of me like they used to. But I know that being confined to a plane might put that guard down if she is screaming and people are complaining about it.

The good news is that she won’t be confined to her car seat because I will have her on my lap the entire time. I plan on nursing her on take off and landing to help keep her ears from hurting. If she does start screaming, I’ll nurse her again. Heck, I’ll nurse her the entire flight if that’s what makes her happy and calm.

I’m telling myself to think good thoughts for today and that she will love airplanes, despite the fact that she hated the car. It’s wishful thinking, but it’s the only thing I’ve got going for me right now.

How do you keep the baby calm on an airplane?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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