Preparing for Grayson’s Surgery and The Chaos In Between

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t exhausted. And yes, I barely admit this. It’s been a rough 7 days. 3 of my 5 came down with one of the worst stomach viruses we’ve ever had. My poor M is still getting over it and she’s popping Zofran every 8 hours just so she can drink water.

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As I headed for Grayson’s pre-op this morning, his ear tubes surgery is scheduled for Friday, I crossed my fingers in hopes he would get the okay for surgery. Two minutes later, Grayson started puking in the back seat. For the past week I’ve been doing everything I can do to make sure that he can have this surgery. Let me catch you up to speed on that…..

April started with a bang as Grayson was diagnosed in the hospital with RSV on the 1st. A few days prior, we scheduled surgery for his poor ears. He is 6-months-old and on his 5th ear infection – most of them double ear infections. After almost 4 weeks of antibiotics, his ears are still filled with fluid and infected. This breaks my heart. I know how bad ear pain can be and the fact that he is still smiling through it all just blows my mind. He is fighting two different bacteria infections as well and because of his chronic congestion and asthma, he was put on an oral steroid and then some. Grayson is currently taking 4 different medications everyday so that we can hopefully get him into surgery on Friday. And than the stomach bug hit him today.

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getting ready for a treatment! he would rather chew his mask.

In order for us to get his lungs clear for surgery and his asthma under control, our days are filled with lots of medicine to get him well.

It looks a little something like this:

8AM :: Pulmicort (15 minute treatment via Nebulizer)

This is a type of asthma treatment called an inhaled corticosteroid. Grayson uses this twice a day as a maintenance medicine used to control and prevent his asthma symptoms. 

8:15AM :: Albuterol (15 minute treatment via Nebulizer)

Another type of treatment to help with Grayson’s wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. 

9AM :: Omnicef (Antibiotic until surgery)

Noon :: Albuterol

4PM :: Albuterol and Oral Steroid

8PM :: Pulmicort

8:15PM :: Albuterol and Omnicef 

and than it just keeps going……every 4 hours, every day until surgery, and until we make a new plan.

Everyone continues to ask how I do it, how I manage to keep smiling and not fall over, and how I don’t fall apart being at the doctors so much, dealing with their asthma and being sick. But I always tell myself, if ear tubes surgery is the only time Grayson’s has to have surgery, I am lucky. I try and stay positive in every situation and each time I want to scream or break down in tears, I remind myself that somewhere someone else is going through something way worse than what we are dealing with.

While it may be a hard time and a battle getting Grayson well, I am lucky his surgery isn’t for something more serious and pray that we can just continue to keep his asthma under control. As one of my very best friends Sam tells me, “positive thoughts bring positive results.” And that is just what I keep telling myself. I am so thankful for her support and words to remind me.

So now we wait for Thursday when we go back to see if we can make it through with an all clear for surgery on Friday!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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