President's Day. Or Groundhog Day? 5 Tips for WAHM Productivity.

Some of you are wondering “Is the post office open on President’s Day?” and “Are banks open on President’s Day?” but I’m just wondering what to make for lunch.

It’s President’s Day but it’s just another Monday here at our house. My husband is at work, we have no school or activities on Mondays, and since I work for myself, it’s business as usual. So more like Groundhog Day than President’s Day, just like every other day. Do all Stay/Work at home moms feel this way? With all the hours, days, weeks just blending together? I love what I do as a writer and blogger. It’s inspiring and rewarding work. I ‘create’ every day and love the community, yet have the flexibility to head to the playground on a whim.  It’s a good life and I’m lucky to “have it all” but the problem is that I “have it all” all the time. No matter what I’m doing, I feel like there is someplace else I need to be.  So I’m working on a game plan. An effort to compartmentalize my life so I can focus, manage my time better and and enjoy the variety. Here are 5 ways I plan to make this happen:

1. Set business hours: I’ve been working on finding help a few hours a week. This is hard for me, I won’t lie, mostly because I’m cheap. Childcare is expensive on a freelancers budget. What if the kids sleep the whole time she is here?!?! Money down the drain! But truly, if I were paying for my work hours, I would take that window of time seriously and get business done. I would not compulsively check email and surf the web and I would also not be interrupted to fill sippy cups and re-plug binkies. I wound be gettin’ it done! In theory.

2. Invest in my craft: I’m excited to finish my little devoted studio/office space and organize for optimum productivity. (and then keep it organized?) I’m also researching professional photography lighting, which would streamline my process and improving my finished product. Another way I am accomplishing this is to pay for the services that someone else can do… more quickly, less expensively or better than me, leaving me free to do what I do best. drawing? eating? complaining?

3. Make a note: When I think of tasks or ideas during non-business hours, make a note, put it out of mind, and go back to it during work time.

4. Get ahead: If I were a few days ahead of deadlines, I would be able to stick to my schedule or at least be flexible about my schedule without stress. Ok, you can laugh now. Who is ever a few days ahead of a deadline? Especially as a mom? But it’s a goal, right?

5: Schedule downtime: I’ve alway noticed that I’m happier and less-stressed when I have something to look forward to. This usually applies to a out-of-town visitor or a trip but I think this would also apply to smaller events. A dinner with friends, a movie night in, a good bottle of wine? Or even, let’s face it, a few hours of errands on the weekend without the kids. When did a trip to home depot become a vacation? Also, if I have something planned, I won’t do that irritating “half-working” thing that I do.

So what do you think? If you work/stay at home do you share this feeling of everything just blending together? The same day over and over? Are you frustrated by your lack of productivity? What actions have you taken to improve the situation? Do you think these 5 will work? I’m feeling pretty good about the plan. But now I’ve gotta run, there are noses to be wiped and battles to be mediated.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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