Baby Crib Recalls – Product recall list for cribs in 2010

  • Caramia Diana Crib – January 14, 2010

    Caramia received 18 complaints of the slats on the top and bottom rails of their drop-side crib detaching, posing fall and entrapment risks for small children. Caramia recalled 1,000 cribs, and no injuries were reported.

  • Dorel Asia SRL Cribs – January 20, 2010

    In December, 2009, Dorel recalled a quarter million cribs due to suffocation risk. One month later, the Barbados company called back 635,000 cribs after a six-month-old from Cedar Rapids, Iowa was strangled after getting stuck in the space between the mattress and the drop side. Dorel Asia received reports of six other children who fell into the same dangerous space and suffered minor injuries.

  • Graco Drop-Side Cribs – April 29, 2010

    Following reports of 99 drop-side crib malfunctions, Graco recalled 217,000 cribs. Two infants were reported to have been trapped in the crib and six others fell to the floor, including one who suffered a minor concussion.

  • Simplicity Cribs – April 29, 2010

    On the same day as the Graco recall, the CPSC announced the recall of all Simplicity full-size cribs. According to reports, Simplicity’s mattress-support frame easily bent or detached, causing cribs to collapse, trapping children in the space between the mattress and the crib’s side. A one-year-old child from North Attleboro, Mass. suffocated in the crib in April 2008. Since Simplicity had gone out of business, the CPSC was unaware of how many cribs remained on the market.

  • Evenflo Jenny Linds Cribs – June 24, 2010

    On June 24, seven companies recalled over 2 million cribs in response to the rampant malfunction of drop-side cribs. Evenflo called back 750,000 units due to entrapment and fall risks in its Jenny Lind cribs. Evenflo received reports of 31 drop sides detaching or malfunctioning, and nine cribs collapsed. Ten children either became entrapped or fell out of the crib; eight suffered injuries.

  • Bexco Million Dollar Baby, Baby Mod and Da Vinci Brand Drop-Side Cribs – June 24, 2010

    As part of the June 24 recall, Bexco recalled about 156,000 cribs following 43 reports of drop-side failures. The recall aided two bills in Congress proposing a ban of drop-side cribs, and the CPSC unanimously voted to outlaw drop-side cribs on December 15th.

  • Jardine Drop-Side Cribs – June 24, 2010

    Jardine recalled about 130,000 cribs as part of the widespread recall. Jardine received reports of 47 incidents in which the drop side of the crib detached or malfunctioned. One child was found unconscious and hospitalized.

  • Simmons Drop-Side Cribs – June 24, 2010

    Simmons recalled 50,000 cribs after receiving reports of 31 drop sides detaching or malfunctioning. Two children became entrapped between the mattress and drop side and two other children fell out of the crib. Only one child suffered injuries.

  • Delta Drop-Side Cribs – June 24, 2010

    Delta recalled 747,000 cribs following reports of 57 drop sides malfunctioning and ten reports of the crib’s mattress collapsing due to improperly installed stabilizing bars. In three reported incidents, an infant was trapped when the mattress collapsed, though only one child suffered minor injuries.

  • Child Craft Drop-Side Cribs – June 24, 2010

    Child Craft ordered a recall of an unspecified number of drop-side cribs in reaction to the rampant drop-side crib malfunction throughout the industry. Child Craft received one report of a child who became entrapped in the drop-side crib, and another report of a child who fell out and bruised his head.

  • Child Craft “Crib N’ Double Bed” full size stationary-side cribs with dowel –

    June 24, 2010

    Drop-side cribs weren’t the only units involved in the recall. Child Craft also recalled 40,000-50,000 stationary-side cribs after realizing that the stationary side could be assembled upside down yet appear to be assembled correctly, creating a dangerous five-inch gap at the top of the crib. Child Craft received four reports of infants who fell into this space and had to be freed.

  • LaJobi Bonavita, Babi Italia and ISSI Drop-Side Cribs – June 24, 2010

    LaJobi initiated the largest recall of any company on June 24, requesting that consumers return 306,000 drop-side cribs to the company. LaJobi received reports of the drop side malfunctioning in 40 cribs and a report of one child who fell out of the crib and sustained a bruise.

  • MamaLittleHelper Baby Hammocks – August 24, 2010

    The tiny baby product company, MamaLittleHelper, recalled about 500 Infant and Toddler Baby Hammocks following an incident in which one baby reportedly rolled to the side of the hammock and was found crying face down. The company concluded that the hammock posed a suffocation risk.

  • Pottery Barn Drop-Side Cribs – July 14, 2010

    Pottery Barn recalled about 82,000 cribs after receiving reports that the drop side detached or malfunctioned in 36 cribs. According to the reports, seven infants suffered minor injuries when they were trapped in the space between the mattress and the drop side.

  • Albee Baby “Prescott” Crib – September 14, 2010

    In September, Albee Baby recalled 130 cribs illegally sold as re-labeled Simplicity cribs, which had been recalled in April. According to reports, 30 Simplicity cribs collapsed because of faulty frames. As reported above, a one-year-old child from Attleboro, Mass suffocated when he rolled into the space between the mattress and the crib frame in a Simplicity crib.

  • Ethan Allen Drop-Side Cribs – October 22, 2010

    Ethan Allen received five reports of five infants who became trapped after the drop-side crib’s rail detached. Three children were injured, and the company recalled about 3,250 units.

  • Angel Line Longwood Forest Drop-Side Cribs – October 22, 2010

    Despite receiving no reports of injuries, Angel Line recalled 3,400 Longwood Forest drop-side cribs. The company was informed of one incident in which the drop-side rail detached, creating a suffocation hazard.

  • Victory Land Heritage Collection 3-in-1 Crib – October 22, 2010

    On the same day as the Ethan Allen and Angel Line recalls, Victory Land ordered a recall of 34,000 Heritage Collection drop-side cribs. Three infants were reported to have received bruises and scrapes after falling into the space between the mattress and the drop side. The recall prompted Babble’s Carolyn Castiglia to implore parents to stop buying drop-side cribs.

  • BassettBaby Drop-Side Crib

    BassettBaby became the latest crib manufacturer to recall a hazardous drop-side crib. The company called back 90,000 cribs after receiving reports of 28 incidents in which the drop side malfunctioned. One child became entrapped, and three others fell out of the crib. The recall compelled Babble’s Danielle Elwood to second Carolyn Castiglia’s call for a ban on drop-side cribs and propose a ban on fluffy crib bumpers as well.

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