Product Review: The Pumpease Hands-free Pumping Bra

That’s right. Hands-free, ladies. Maybe it’s just my nerdly self, but when I found out about this product’s existence, I was smitten.

For numerous reasons, mostly having to do with needing to clone myself. Since that isn’t going to happen anytime soon … products like this? That help multi-tasking moms get stuff done? WANT.

The Pumpease hands-free pumping bra was created by a mom with those exact same needs. Wendy Armbruster Bell is the Founding Creative Director of Snugabell, the company which sells the Pumpease bra, amongst some other fine products.

Below *drum-roll* is my very first vlog review. Featuring my shortlist of why this bra is awesome, of course. Please keep in mind that this is my first one, and that I am a geek of disproportionate measures …

  • The Fabulous Fifties Collection $38 1 of 7
    The Fabulous Fifties Collection $38
    Because yes, for sure you are going to look like that while pumping. It could happen I suppose, if working out of the home. Not this mama. Cute selection though. View the entire collection here.
  • Hands-Free 2 of 7
    Does anyone even have a phone like that anymore? Either way...I talk all the time on the phone while pumping now. I'm just sure to inform the person at the other end of the line what I'm doing, lest they think I am tooting, or some other weird business.
  • Pumpease Organic $42 3 of 7
    Pumpease Organic $42
    My own preference. I find organic cottons much more soft and durable, and then there's that whole environment thing. View it here.
  • The Fitting Room 4 of 7
    The Fitting Room
    Available in sizes 32 AA - 48 H. Heeeey-Ooooo! Find the complete chart here.
  • Double-Pump Action 5 of 7
    Double-Pump Action
  • ‘Back To Work Thanks to the Pumpease’ 6 of 7
    'Back To Work Thanks to the Pumpease'
  • W.O.W. 7 of 7
    With all due respect, this made me LOL. Now that's some serious dedication. To both pump and get the lawn mowed. Photo Credit: The Reynolds Mom Blog (actually a guest post by Jen from Life With Levi).

So. There you have it. I bet you are wondering how you ever got on without this bra before. I know I do. Straight up. In case you missed the bit about the discount? It’s right here for you: enter Babble15 upon check-out. You know, after you choose the kind you want.


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Disclosure: Snugabell provided me with the Pumpease Organic Pumping Bra, in exchange for sharing what I really think of their product on the internets. There you have it.

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