Promises for my Newborn Son on Mother's Day

Promises for my newborn son on Mother's Day
Photo by Angela Richardson of AMR Photography, Dallas TX

Dear Gordon-

I promise to protect you from your sisters until you can defend yourself. I promise to cut your hair even if you get those sweet little baby boy curls that mothers find so hard to snip. I promise to play cars, dinosaurs, and robots even though I don’t get it. I promise to let you climb and try not to show how scared I am. I promise to bring you to the ocean where you will run and swim and eat hardily before falling asleep to the sound of rolling waves in a weathered beach shack. I promise to introduce you to all of the amazing food the world has to offer and accept your likes and dislikes, unless, like your dad,  you don’t like lobster because that is just insanity and I will not have it… I promise to be the champion of you discovering your passions, from ceramics to golf practice to trombone lessons, we will find what you love most in the world. I promise to let you skip a goodbye hug at the bus-stop. I promise to grant you repeat songs, repeat movies, repeat amusement park rides. I promise to try to know when you want me there and when you don’t. I promise to have the house where your friends want to hang out. I promise to let you play loud bad music when you need to. What is it with you guys and loud music? I promise not to be a needy mama but do know that I am always longing for a hug. I promise to be an understanding and pleasant Mother-in-law. I promise to do everything I can to help you build a life filled with creativity, security, culture, adventure, humor, compassion, knowledge, tradition and optimism. But when they come asking for embarrassing photos of you, I can’t promise anything.

Love, Your Mama

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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