“Propping” Up Grayson: Behind-the-Scenes of My Little’s Photo Shoot (Photos)

how are adorable are these?

I was super-excited to be joining Kim Flores in her studio once again to document Grayson’s three month milestone. Yes, three months. The last time we spent time shooting with our amazing photographer (and my best friend) was Grayson’s newborn shoot. Talk about breathtaking photos! So, I couldn’t wait to see what was in store this time around. Kim is just amazing, so brilliant. 

I prepared ahead of time with just a few things I wanted to include in the shoot but mostly, Kim does all the work. For one of the photos, it took a lot of serious patience getting Grayson to stay asleep while he was snuggled in a simple wrap. But I am sure the photo will be worth it!

I will say, she works hard. These photo shoots are anything but easy, especially to capture that perfect shot. But a few quick tips and helpful hands, it becomes quite a fun experience. A time I will forever cherish! Especially when your best friend, some good music and Starbucks is involved. I can’t wait to share the gallery with you.

  • Just Resting 1 of 7
    Just Resting
    It takes a lot of work to change the background and get props ready. Grayson gave us a little smile in between takes.
  • Getting the Perfect Shot 2 of 7
    Getting the Perfect Shot
    Kim is hard at work! The best trick to get your little to smile? Talk in the high-pitch baby voice. I felt like a completely idiot, but it worked! Kim and I couldn't help but laugh out how silly I sounded. But she had the perfect view to snap a smile.
  • Baby. In a Bucket. 3 of 7
    Baby. In a Bucket.
    Sometimes it's the smallest little props that are so simple and make the picture perfect. A cozy prop blanket inside a wash tub inspired bucket makes for an easy adorable picture. He looks comfy too!
  • Keeping a 3 Month Old Asleep 4 of 7
    Keeping a 3 Month Old Asleep
    Well, it's not as easy as it was when he was a newborn. Not only did it take our four hands, a portable heater and a Little Giraffe blanket to keep him warm and cozy. But, it took a good ten minutes for Kim to have 2 seconds to snap. It is hard work when it comes to capturing a stunning photo.
  • Sleepy Boy 5 of 7
    Sleepy Boy
    Finally, sleeping sound. He even propped his hand for us. I can't wait to see this photo come to life after she edits them.
  • Cute Little Props 6 of 7
    Cute Little Props
    How adorable are these suspender sets? We had so much bringing them to life and incorporating them into the shoot. Sometimes, it looks just as good to lay the bow tie on the baby without a shirt for the photos. This will focus on his face and a cute accessory! Of corse, we used the adorable suspenders too.
    Get an adorable suspender and bow tie set like the one we used from The Snappy Sapling for $27.95
  • What to Wear 7 of 7
    What to Wear
    And this is what the mess looks like. Laying out the outfits. Making sure the backgrounds, blankets and rugs are coordinate well. All of the little details are what make the photos in the end. Stay tuned for the end results later this week.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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