Protecting Your Baby from the Stairs

Protecting your baby from falling down the stairs while working with an active family is no easy task!
Protecting your baby from falling down the stairs while working with an active family is no easy task!

When we purchased our home, it was pre-kids. We bought with the intention of building our family here. We are in Texas and the suburb that we live in has next to zero one story homes with adequate square footage. So a two story house is what we bought.

Fast forward two years, we found out that having an active baby and stairs didn’t really go together. We found a hokey work around with our first two kids and that lasted their first few years keeping the kids safe. We went through a gap of no babies in the house, so the hokey baby and stair solution came down.

Then we had our third child. Oh, how I love him – but this boy is ACTIVE. As soon as he learned to crawl, he found his way over to our stairs and we knew we needed a solution to prevent him from crawling up the stairs as well as falling down the stairs.

Protecting our baby from the stairs was just the start. The solution also had to work with our lifestyle. Carrying a newborn, we need to be able to easily get up and down the stairs with one hand free. Also the solution had to be able to be worked with our older two children who are 8 and 6.

Here is Our Baby Stair Solution:

  • Stair Cases and Babies 1 of 8
    Babies seem to be attracted to stairs! Here is our staircase. We needed a solution for upstairs and downstairs. If you look closely, I just realized our third child is messing with the gate downstairs in this photo! BUSTED!
  • Retractable Baby Gate Downstairs 2 of 8
    This retractable gate is ideal for our downstair steps. We have a weird angle and a wooden step at the bottom of our stair case. Add in a decorative iron railing and it was hard to find a normal baby gate that would work well. This retractable gate is from: Retract-a-Gate. It is ideal when going up and down the stairs with our newborn baby. Plus our older kids can easily use. The lock prevents our toddler from being able to retract.
  • Baby Gate Mounting 3 of 8
    We mounted one side to the wall on the other side of our stairs. Again, with this being a weird shape staircase, this gate worked perfect.
  • Iron Rail Mounting 4 of 8
    This looks a little hokey 🙂 - but it works. We used twisty ties so that we can easily remove and not destroy our iron railing. After looking at this photo, think I will look for some black twist ties!
  • Retracted Baby Gate 5 of 8
    Here is the bottom of our stairs. You can see the gate easily retracts - leaving plenty of walking room.
  • Top of the Stairs 6 of 8
    Here is the top of our stairs. We have a two-part stair case. The door is open in this photo.
  • Mounting the Top Stair Baby Gate 7 of 8
    We installed a painted board to make sure that we didn't destroy the wooden balusters on our stairs.
  • Closed Baby Gate at the Top of the Stairs 8 of 8
    Here is the gate closed. The gate can be opened and closed with one hand. You can see dirty little handprints. The gate is strong, our 18 month old has TRIED and TRIED to open. No luck buddy!

In addition to making sure baby doesn’t crawl up the stairs, or fall down the stairs – our stair solution needed to be functional and removable. We have iron decorative railing and needed a solution that wouldn’t destroy it, and when the time comes – we can easily remove.

All this said, you can prep your house as much as possible – but one thing must happen. You MUST remember to CLOSE the gate. Babies and stairs are scary, and I admit – that our third baby fell down the stairs – it was all my fault. Thankfully he was okay. A few minutes of tears from him and hours of tears from me for my parenting mistake.

Just remember, your baby’s safety is essential with stairs!

What Did You Do To Protect Your Baby From the Stairs?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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