PSA – Don't Leave Your Toddler Alone with Your Baby

dont trust the todder with your baby
Sibling rivalry - strikes AGAIN!

Yes, I should have learned by now.

Consider this a public service announcement: don’t leave your toddler alone with your baby.

My toddler just is not ready to accept his baby brother. I thought he was, I really did. But I was wrong. And yes, I know he’s still young but come on, kid — don’t hate!

It all started with Izaiah (the toddler) being all sweet and loving with baby Zeke. I whipped out the iPhone to tape the sincerity. (Watch the video after the jump)





Don’t Hurt Your Brother!

Izaiah was trying to get his baby bro to take a pacifier, something we’ve been TRYING to do since Zeke was born (with no luck). Then he pokes his eyeball. No big deal, Izaiah is learning his body parts and now he is learning his brother’s …

And then apparently that was enough of that playtime stuff with Zeke because he decides to STEP ON HIM. My poor baby, constantly being beat up by his big brother and this time mom has it all on video.

No Toddler Alone with the Baby

So for now we’ve mandated a rule that Zeke cannot be left alone anywhere that Izaiah can reach him.

Is This a Boy Thing?

My mother-in-law told me of walking in on my husband’s brother taking pliers after him, when my husband was just an infant.

Is this a boy thing? I sure didn’t experience this physical harm thing when my girl was going through the jealousy stage. She was two and she acted out. You know, coloring the carpet with lipstick and temper tantrums, but no stepping on her brother!

Poor Zeke, no love from his big brother. Soon — at least I hope so!

Did You Experience Any Sibling Rivalry With Your Kids?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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