Puppy Love

Best friends forever.

It happens on a daily basis that I have freak outs (the good kind of freak out) over the cuteness that is my baby, Fern, interacting with our dog, Marley.

I mean…babies are cute…dogs are cute…but when you put the two togehter?

Cute Baby + Cute Dog = Super Cute Sandwich

Yes, I know that isn’t really a “thing”, but just go with it.  As these two are constantly being cuter than cute, I constantly have my phone in their faces snapping photos.  Yep.  I’m “that mom”.

I thought perhaps you might want to partake in the adorable-ness yourselves, so I rounded up my favorite photos of Fern and Marley…enjoy!


  • Love at first sight 1 of 9 Fern wasn't too interested in Fern during this first meeting, but Marley was certainly excited about the introduction.
  • Squirrel watching 2 of 9
    Marley loves watching squirrels in our backyard and has apparently taught the art of squirrel watching to Fern as well. I love their expressions in this photo - like two peas in a pod!
  • Playing 3 of 9
    Marley is constantly trying to get Fern to "shake" her paw although so far Fern has only succeeded in batting at the paw. I'm sure she'll catch on soon though!
  • Bath time 4 of 9
    This was the first time Marley joined us for bath time and she was super concerned about Fern being in the water - she even barked at me! I think she maybe thought I was trying to drown Fern or something. Can't say she's not protective.
  • Stare down 5 of 9
    Sometimes these two just like to stare at each other and I can't help but wonder what they must be thinking.
  • Play ball 6 of 9
    Marley loves fetch more than just about anything in life and anyone who pays attention to her for more than five seconds is considered to be a willing fetch participant in her mind. She's working on teaching Fern how to play the game. Marley will come drop the ball in Fern's lap and Fern will "throw" it (more like a small roll) back in her general direction. It's pretty cute.
  • Point A to Point B 7 of 9
    This is the dilemma that Fern faces on a daily basis: How can I get from where I am now over to where Marley is? Once she learns how to crawl I'm sure she'll be pestering our dog relentlessly.
  • Meal time 8 of 9
    Marley has quickly learned that sitting near Fern during meal time is a very advantageous place to park herself. Fern is pretty good at rewarding her efforts.
  • Puppy kisses 9 of 9
    Marley loves to attack Fern with kisses and smiles and giggles usually ensue. Puppy kisses are the unofficial cure for a grumpy baby...or at least for MY grumpy baby.


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