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Over the weekend we were doggy sitting. Which only solidified the fact that puppies are in our future. Oh yes. I was never one for small dogs, until these little sweethearts came into our lives.

Now? Little doggies rule. Little watch-dogs to Abby, who clung to her every move and whimper – it was lovely to witness. My thoughts are that smaller dogs, make smaller accidents and eat smaller amounts of food and make less mess in general.

All great selling points to the mister, who’s not ready for a puppy quite yet. But I’ve watched him with these little ones – he’s smitten. I’ve written about this before, and perhaps the more I write about it, the more potential I am creating to make it happen. That whole destiny thing.

Yes wee doggies are a part of my destiny. It’s true. As they are my daughter’s. Epic cuteness after the jump…

  • Taking Inventory 1 of 7
    Taking Inventory
    Two little babies, checking each-other out.
  • Bedtime Playtime 2 of 7
    Bedtime Playtime
    Sniffles and licks...I think they like each-other.
  • Trust 3 of 7
    To poke or prod, it doesn't matter - gentle kisses is all that's going on here.
  • Getting Cozy 4 of 7
    Getting Cozy
    Now that things are sorted, it's time for snuggles. Sleep sack built for two.
  • But Wait… 5 of 7
    But Wait...
    A special friend is missing from the action.
  • Complete 6 of 7
    Her newest fans, keeping vigil.
  • Asleep at Last 7 of 7
    Asleep at Last
    Tuckered out and curled up close for sweet dreams.

Do you have pets and little ones? Do they adore one another, or has it been a challenge?

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