9 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself Before Having Kids

Let’s rewind to my teenage years for a second. The days where I would write down all of my wishful life plans. I pretty much wanted to be Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. I remember purchasing a Tiffany + Co necklace so I could be just like her. Insert eye roll here. I either wanted to a.) be a lawyer or b.) be a fashion designer. I wanted to focus on my career beachside in sunny California and one thing on my list was — no kids.

Yes, believe it or not, I always told my friends that I was never having kids. Fast-forward to today, and look who has five kids now. This girl! When I was 17 years old my college years so to speak were cut short when I got pregnant my senior year in high school. Yep — cat’s out of the bag. I finished my senior year at home on bed rest and welcomed Zoe just two months after my 18th birthday. No prom, no law school. But I did create my dream job running my own biz, and 10 years later, I can’t imagine my life any other way.

Needless to say, what brought all this “no kids” talk on? I came across this post over on XOjane that is just dead on for questions you should ask yourself when it comes time to questioning entering Mommywood. Are you ready? It got me thinking, what questions would I recommend asking yourself.

Click through for 9 questions you should ask yourself before having kids. 

  • Do you like to sleep? 1 of 9

    If you answer "yes" to enjoying your Sundays in bed, taking a nap, or just sleeping in general, you should probably consider getting a fish vs. birthing a child. 


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  • Will you be able to fund Project Baby? 2 of 9

    I was blown away when I read on CNN that the average cost of raising a child is $241, 080. That means for me, it totals a swift 1.2 million. No biggie. Clearly, you don't have to be rich to raise a child, but it can be pricey at times, and baby doesn't arrive with a money tree. If you're worried about paying your tab at the cocktail bar or saving up for those Jimmy Choo heels -- you just might not be ready for a little one. As a parent the first thing you'll have to do is sacrifice and this means coming up with a safe financial plan. 


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  • What are your career plans? 3 of 9
    Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 5.25.07 PM.png

    Are you ready to trade-off and let Dad stay home if it came down to it? Can you leave your baby with a caregiver without feeling guilty? How long will you stay home? What about Dad? All of these questions arises because, well, babies can't babysit themselves. Thinking ahead about your career may change is something to think about. 


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  • Do strangers easily annoy you? 4 of 9

    Oh strangers, they will pry in the business! When they think your child is to old for a pacifier, they will let you know. When they are being too loud in a restaurant, you will get the evil eye and may be asked to move. Strangers but in every chance they get to tell you what a bad parent you're being. Get ready to put your game face on. 


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  • How do you like doing laundry? 5 of 9

    I don't think anyone really is okay with doing heaps of laundry, but that responsibility comes with kids. If you don't mind getting puked on or holding a baby who decides to literally burst their diaper with diarrhea all over you and then repeats the moment you put a clean diaper on, you are good to go! Honestly, this Pottery Barn hamper is my newest accessory. 


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  • Are you uncomfortable going pee in front of others? 6 of 9
    Bathroom Remodel - Almost done - 1

    Every single time I take 2 seconds to go to the bathroom, I either have a little one staring at me or fingers constantly under the door. I love them so much — don't get me wrong — but seriously, can I get five minutes of peace? If you don't mind an audience while your doing your thing, I think it's safe to say, you'll be a great mom! 


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  • How important are your friends? 7 of 9

    Sad to say, you may encounter a few friends who go MIA the moment you have a child. Which probably means, they weren't the best friend anyway, but you have to prepare yourself for moments like not getting invited out for a special event, no more chick flick movie nights, and so on. It truly does take a village to raise a child, so having as much support as you can will help in trying situations. 


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  • Is your neighbor a creeper? 8 of 9

    Are you living on a street where you feel safe? Have you checked the neighborhood for sex offenders? Do you have room for a little one, or will they be getting a crib under the steps? All of these things come in to play when it's time to pop out a baby. It's all about location, location, location. You'll need to find the best daycare and schools, and be in an environment that will make your life easier and safe. Choosing this place can be a daunting task. 


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  • Do you have health insurance? 9 of 9

    If you can't afford health insurance or don't have it, you should probably consider not having a child, or else I can promise, you'll be in debt for life with the doctor bills and unexpected hospital visits. 


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