Quitting a Job After Baby for the Unknown

working momI know many moms who deal with this. Sheesh, I had 3 times before with each of other kids. Do I quit my job to stay at home with my baby? 

This isn’t a post to spark a mommy war discussion. You will get no judgement here from this mom. I have been labeled with each label: working mom, working traveling mom, work at home mom, stay at home mom.

Those are just labels. Finding what works for YOU and your family is what must happen before you make that decision.  

After our fourth child, I decided to make the jump from Corporate America to find a path that would allow me to be with my family. Here is our story. 

Nearly 12 months ago,  I gave birth to our fourth child. Little did I know at the time, but that moment not only signifies the birth of Zeke, it also was the tipping point that changed my outlook of life.

As I laid in the hospital bed with Zeke after he was born – I knew God was calling me to live life differently. While the decisions weren’t easy, I now have a new life – one that wouldn’t be this way if it wasn’t for this little boy.

In order to live life differently, I had to reprioritize every single thing in my life – starting with the corporate career that I held near and dear – working 10 years to achieve. My job required time, travel and stress. In exchange for that,  I received a nice paycheck – which became the other thing I had to change. I had to stop being a slave to money.

With 4 kids, 2 incomes are required. We cut where we could and changed our thinking on luxury. I kicked up my blogging efforts and found freelance jobs to keep additional money coming in. My job went from 10+ hours a day to 20+ hours a day. I work when I can get a break. There is a new stress that isn’t the pressure of a corporation and making numbers, it’s of little voices and normal life demands.

I would by lying if I didn’t say the last year has brought of tears and uncertainty. Did I do the right thing? I have read articles on how leaving corporate America can ruin you. Am I chasing a white rabbit that doesn’t exist?

Then there are the things that I no longer have. The stability of knowing that I will be paid every other week, yeah that’s no more. My work posse that I lunched with regularly – I still have my true friends, but it’s usually seeing them with crying children. The new clothes and reason to do my hair — how I miss blowdrying my hair.

All of those things were nice, but do you know what else is nice?

  • Not having my kids at school from 7:45am to 6:30 pm.
  • Being able to have dinner as a family every night, and sometimes not even from Taco Bell!
  • Making my own work schedule.

I have learned so much about each of my kids and myself. Like all things, there are the good and the bad, but looking back all I can say is that I am happy. This happiness is for the now, I know that this can change and I might find myself wanting to go back to an office, but that is life. It’s a story and with that there are many chapters.

If you are teetering on what to do with your life, I encourage you to pray (or reflect, if you aren’t the praying type).  Give a good look at what you really need and what you really want. There were years that what I really wanted was to be working, and you know what? That is totally okay. My kids survived! Daycare does not ruin a child.

I honestly believe that your child is best raised with a happy mom, so find out where your happiness is and there is your answer.

Have You Struggled with the Decision to Go Back to Work? 

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