R.I.P. Go GaGa

There are a lot of baby products that come and go, sheesh, there are a lot of products that come and go in general. I have a gift for falling in love with things that get discontinued. I think I inherited it from my mom. I once went on a borderline psychotic hunt for an ice cream that had been discontinued. I learned this unfortunate news upon walking into the ice cream maker headquarters and asking about my beloved Blue Ribbon Chocolate Cake ice cream.

When my friend Emily told me that Go GaGa, the maker of the best diaper bags in the WORLD was closing up shop I didn’t believe her, yet sure enough the bags are no longer available in their online store and only available (if you’re lucky) in stores that still have available stock. I don’t take diaper bag fandom lightly, I went through at least five in Addie’s first year, never really loving any of them. When I saw Emily’s Go GaGa several years ago I knew I wanted one if I were to ever get pregnant again.

Not only are they well made and well designed, the strap, OH THE STRAP.

The economy has taken away THE strap.

THE strap is a wide stretchy material that doesn’t smash your tender boobs or give you the dreaded boob canyon. It is easily the most comfortable strap ever made. Even people who didn’t have to lug around diaper bags wanted the bag for the strap alone.

The owner of the company, Jill, hopes to retain the patent on the design and bring it back in the future. But YOU GUYS. Why are there ugly, uncomfortable, expensive, condiment-named diaper bags thriving while amazing bags that are all about functional design and philanthropy failing?

I found one online for a friend and I will be treating mine like a prized possession — because if it breaks? I’ll be really bummed.

What baby products have you loved that have been discontinued?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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