Raise Your Hand If You Bought A Used Crib Mattress.

I am SO glad that Monica broke the ice on this topic. I mean, I’ve broached the subject of how I really believe that second-hand baby items are the way to go, but she opened the doors on the discussion of some big ticket items that are said to be taboo to buy used or borrow, ever.

Confession time: Every one of these items I got used, with the exception of the carseat, which we got from a friend who had an extra one they never used. So, not technically new, either.

Our crib came from craigslist WITH a mattress. Yes, I was a little paranoid due to the New Zealand SIDS studies, mentioned by a commenter on my above post, but I lived through it, and so did my older son. I will admit that I eventually bought an organic mattress, but really the one we had served us fine for two full years. It was waterproof, dustmite proof, antimicrobial, and had a triple layer cover. No fungi was getting inside that sucker.

Also, the crib has one of those drop sides, the ones that were recalled two years ago? ¬†Although, our crib was not made by any of those companies. Regardless, we never use the drop-side. The noise when it latches into place always wakes the baby. (How stupid is that?) In fact, I keep meaning to turn it around so the side that comes down faces the wall so it just won’t be an issue. So far both sons have survived (knocking on hand-me-down wood, right now). Also, Fuzz only sleeps in the crib for the first 4 or so hours of each night.

I have now borrowed three different breast pumps, so far with no ill-effects. I’ve always provided my own tubing and other parts.

Oh, and thanks to my overprepared sister, I am now the proud owner of about twenty used baby carriers (plus two from my neighbor).

I get that safety rules change and plastic on carseats can wear out, etc. There is a risk, although percentage-wise, I’m not sure how great.¬†Am I taking a gamble with my babies by buying used? I don’t think so, in this case. All this baby stuff is in use for such a short period of time, it seems like our money could be better spent elsewhere, the earth will be a better place for it, and I don’t think new parents should be made to feel guilty about this, whatsoever.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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