Reaching That Magical 12 Weeks

We have finally reached that age when babies stop being so newbornish and start being actual, you know, babies. Not just tiny squishy crying little lumps of cuteness, but actual people.

At 12 weeks, everyone tells you that things get easier, babies sleep better (through the night!) and that you’ll finally be able to breathe.

I’m happy to report that this is *kinda* true. ¬†And that alone gets a big hip hip hooray!

The colic I’ve moaned about seems all but gone, save for a rogue colic sounding crying spell now and then. That alone? HUGE!

I’ve noticed that baby girl can see more and watch us more and just generally be a part of the family now. She seems immensely less frustrated, and I know this helps with distracting her for longer periods.

Also her tummy seems to just be happier. Nothing has really changed on my end, so I know she’s developing past the stage of anything and everything making her belly hurt.

She is smiling more effortlessly and has even giggled a few times – oh! How fun it is to watch the rapid and numerous developments at this age!

How is your 12 week old baby doing? Noticing some improvements yet?


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