Readers & Bloggers Submit: Bathtub Baby Royale

I Die.

Last week I found this crazy cute picture of a wee bebe in the bathtub, with just a little head peeping out over the rim of the tub.

Completely rocking a fabulous shampoo’ed faux-hawk. One of the very best ways to do the hawk if you ask me. Which you are, becasue you are reading this.

At any rate, it got me hankering for a round-up of cute bathtub baby pictures, submitted by you, our lovely readers! I got a few sweet responses, including some from my colleagues here on the Babbles. Your daily dose of cuteness, after the jump!

  • Happiness Is 1 of 10
    Happiness Is
    A warm bath. Being in a warm bath, or watching your baby's pure joy in having a bath. Either way, you're golden.
    Photo Credit - Hilary Thomas and her son Jameson of: Real Life…Isn't Always Clever
  • Who Needs a Fancy Teether? 2 of 10
    Who Needs a Fancy Teether?
    At this age, any and all things end up in the mouth anyways. Fact. Somewhere around baby #2, you start to be less concerned about it. This is another one from HIlary and her boy Jameson.
  • A Right of Passage 3 of 10
    A Right of Passage
    Tied with his twin sister (whom you will see next), for best faux-hawk via the shampoos. All the shampoos.
    Photo Credit - Emily Martin and her son Gabriel of: Life: A Study
  • Another Winner. Clearly. 4 of 10
    Another Winner. Clearly.
    I can't decide which one is better, so both of them win all the cookies. I mean, right? Meet Beatrice, Gabriel's twin sister one of the cutest kids I've had the pleasure of hangin' with. Just like her momma Emily.
  • Those Eyes! 5 of 10
    Those Eyes!
    Basically, this picture rams you in the gut with it's cuteness, and tickles one's ovaries all at the same time.
    Photo Credit - Casey Mullins and her sweet little Vivi of: Moosh In Indy
    She also happens to blog right here on the Babbles, all over the place. So does her hubby. I know, right? She very recently got her own shiny Babble Voices blog, Shutterlovely.
    Check out the awesome here!
  • Freshly RInsed 6 of 10
    Freshly RInsed
    Here's some more presh from Casey and little Vivi. Freshly rinsed, I'd say - checking out her momma's pedi. Either that or getting ready to launch herself out of the bathtub. As they do.
  • Brand New 7 of 10
    Brand New
    It's a little more than crazy how many of us mommas miss the newborn stage so quickly. This picture for instance, has my ovaries crying out for more. Apparently, I'm all about the ovaries today. Someone get this momma (me) a glass of wine.
    Photo Credit via Babble's own Being Pregnant blogger, Casi Densmoore-Coon and her daughter Kennadi.
  • Ima Tell You What! 8 of 10
    Ima Tell You What!
    Ah, the wide, open mouthed gaping grin of a babe. All shiny, freash and clean, there's not much else better in life than that. Have you smelled freshly washed baby before? They (someone) should bottle that stuff and sell it to all of the poeples. This from a regular client, (Carolyn and her little guy Benny) of my wee crafty bizz, le petit rêve. Which is closed till next month, but you can go ahead and check it out anyways.
  • You’re So Silly 9 of 10
    You're So Silly
    I fon't know about you, but I kind of just want to eat him. Only a tiny nibble.
    Photo Credit: Baby's 1st Year's very own Emily Elling and her son Paul.
  • Objects Are Trickier Than They Appear 10 of 10
    Objects Are Trickier Than They Appear
    Bathing two young ones in the tub together is not as easy as it looks. It gets better rather quickly, like in a matter of weeks. But the first few times? Slip and slide, dunk and shove. These ones are all mine. I couldn't very well leave them out could I?

If you’d like to see a second edition, go on then! Send in your shots to

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