Readers Respond: Why I’m Pro Formula Feeding!

Did you formula feed your baby? If you did, you’re not alone! Studies on breastfeeding rates show that the majority of moms use formula at some point in their baby’s first year. I asked readers on my Facebook page to talk about their reasons for formula feeding a got a lot of explanations. Moms choose formula for all kinds of reasons, from inability to breastfeed to being an adoptive parent to total lack of interest and all of those reasons are equally valid. Formula is a perfectly fine food for babies.

As Monica Sakala said in a post called I Hate Breastfeeding in which she talked about deliberately staying away from pressure to breastfeed her second child:

“There is so much pressure to breastfeed and so much talk in the media about how breast is best for baby and there is so little talk about what it means for the mom. Somewhere along the way, it’s like everyone forgot about her. She became a mom, therefore what is best for her doesn’t matter because only the child matters. Where along the way did we forget that formula doesn’t kill babies?”

She’s right, of course. Formula does NOT kill babies. It’s a real boon for women around the world who need to feed their babies something other than breast milk. While some may fault formula companies for steering women away from breastfeeding to reap profits, you also have to admit that formula saves babies’ lives and allows mothers flexibility to make important, personal choices about caring for their families. Some moms want to breastfeed but can’t. Other moms only want to formula feed. Kate Sluiter of Sluiter Nation told me this about her formula feeding choice:

“It was just the natural choice for me. I had zero desire to breastfeed and I have never felt guilty about it. No one in my family breastfed babies when I was growing up, and my first exposure to it was as an adult with friends who had babies. It didn’t bother me, but I just didn’t want to do it. I thought maybe once I was pregnant my attitude would change, but it didn’t. I didn’t want to be the sole provider of nourishment for my baby. I didn’t want to be continually attached to my child. I wanted to be able to hand them off sometimes. And I didn’t want to pump. At all. I suppose it sounds harsh. I suppose the reasons are all selfish. But in the end, I knew if I was not comfortable, it would come through in my relationship with my baby.”

Alicia Higginson of Life With Ladies echoed Kate’s sentiments:

“Breastfeeding just never came organically to me. I never tried even once. In three pregnancies I read all the books I could get my hands on and yet it never occurred to me that it was something we were meant to do, my daughters and I. And the strangest thing happened over a bottle mixed from a can: we bonded, we loved each other, they played with the whiskers on their Daddy’s face when he gave them their nighttime bottles, they grew healthy & smart, and I rest assured that there will not be a check box on their university applications asking how they were fed. I didn’t poison my kids. I just fed them. Leave out all the guilt nonsense, I don’t feel it.”

What all these moms have in common is beautiful, healthy kids. Oh, and experience of having their choices demonized by narrowly focused breastfeeding advocates who are…how shall I say this…not unduly burdened with flexibility of opinion. The fact remains that formula is a legitimate choice for feeding babies and there are a lot of moms who find it rewarding. Read through to read why real moms love formula feeding! (And be sure to check back tomorrow for a roundup of real moms talking about breastfeeding!)

Working Mom’s Assistant

“As a working mom, I used it for supplementing when my supply was low. It took so much pressure off of me on the days when I was just too stressed to produce enough milk for a full day of daycare!” – Karen

Pack on the Ounces

“We were able to change the calorie concentration (make it high calorie) and anyone could feed her.” – Jennifer


“I loved that it kept my middle son alive. He couldn’t tolerate breast milk no matter what dietary changes we made. I was just glad he was able to thrive”. – Danielle

Psychological Reasons

“It saved me from the hell that was PPD. I couldn’t meet demand with my meager supply…and it devastated me. Once I was able to just move on and give my older daughter a bottle of formula, I felt a massive weight lift from my shoulders.” – Tiffiny

Keep It Down

“My son had horrible reflux. Ready feed formula was all that stayed down!” – Lauren

Enjoy It

“Had a horrid time nursing my first and was really depressed and exhausted for those three months. I wanted to enjoy my second son’s infancy, so I formula fed right off and it worked out great. My husband helped with feedings, I slept much more and I actually have good memories of his babyhood since I wasn’t half asleep, anxious and really crabby all the time!” – Michele

Share the Love

“It gave me sanity and allowed my better half to really get a feel for what getting up every hour and a half felt like to plug the ravenous pie hole of an over- achieving preemie.” – Synnøve

Get Well Soon

“I had to use formula because of medical issues that occurred after giving birth. It was great because everyone in the family got experience “feeding” the baby. So Nate bonded not only with me, but with his Dad and Grandparents too.” – Ellen


“It allowed me to feed my son, period. I have insufficient glandular tissue and was never able to produce more than about a third of my son’s total needs. It was my LC who handed me the first little bottle of formula. I cried then, and I still mourn not being able to BF as I intended. At the same time, I’m grateful to live in a time where my son would otherwise have starved to death.” – Laura

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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