Why I’m Not Going to Have a First Birthday Party for My Daughter

Photo Credit: Phortys/Flickr
Photo Credit: Phortys/Flickr

I waited until the last minute to decide not to do a first birthday party for my daughter, Clementine. Once I “went public” with my decision I felt great. I wish I would have decided on it earlier.

The weird thing is, I love throwing parties. I think I’m just burned out from the holidays. And I had a first birthday party for my other daughter, Sandy, only four months ago. Talk about feeling guilty for having a party for one but not the other… but alas, I’m over it.

For Clementine’s birthday, we’re going to Puerto Rico. She’s half Puerto Rican and the trip gives me a chance to learn more about the culture and to take some great first-time photos for Clementine. Not to mention it’ll be a vacation for all of us. And what could make a 1-year-old happier than swimming and playing in the sand at a beach? Given all of the snow we’ve had here in New York, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t even remember what it’s like to go outside without a snowsuit on!

For our trip I found a great hotel deal for the Intercontinental Hotel in San Juan (I can’t stop staring longingly at the pool from work). I already contacted them about finding a guitar player to sing “Happy Birthday” and a few other kids songs for 20 minutes to my daughters. They found someone instantly. I’m going to toss a party hat on us all, order cake off the dessert menu and call it Clementine’s first birthday.

I’m sure there are plenty of years to come when she’ll dictate her birthday cake, venue and guests to me. I can wait!

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